Food, Music, Lifestyle + Home Delivery Of Food @ CalBunka – Foodie Edition ☺

Event: CalBunka #5 – Saturday Night Music & Market

Venue: The Stadel, Kolkata

Date & Time: 18 Nov 2017, Sat, 7 pm – 2 am

Entry Fee: Rs. 100/-

CalBunka – an outdoor celebration of Kolkata’s nightlife is one-of-a-kind music and market scene, scheduled to take place, on specially designated Saturdays, at The Stadel, Kolkata, from late evening till midnight.

The 5th aka goodbye 2017 edition of CalBunka, along with it’s usual quota of on-site fun, food and shopping, provided to the localities, the additional luxury of enjoying it’s well curated food spread, in the relaxed confines of their respective homes!

This was facilitated by first of it’s kind tie-up with Swiggy, the popular and precise food delivery service. For the first time pan India, Swiggy delivered exclusively from a live event i.e. CalBunka, from 7 pm – 1 am, within a radius of 6 kms!

Swiggy’s delivery service was available for the first 7, out of the following 11 food stalls at CalBunka, which comprised of –

Ishee’z Kitchen, Kofta Queens, Baked & Burnt, Seema’s Kitchen, Frozen Tree, The Nom Law, The Fat Monk, Pickle Inc, Toopsi’s Table, Baked Berry and Stir Studded.

Apart from the afore mentioned unique delivery service, Swiggy had it’s own fun stall filled with small gifts, which could be won by successfull completion of a 3 step process.

Process 1 and 2 were two separate food centric paper based puzzles. Process 3 required you to play the ‘Spin A Wheel’ game, wherein the spinning wheel comprised of a list of restaurant names. You were required to choose a name of your choice and spin the wheel. Once the wheel stopped spinning, if the pointing arrow pointed at the name of your choice, you became entitled to receive one of the displayed gifts. The whole exercise was nice fun.

My vegetarian food tastings comprised of –

– Pasta from Baked & Burnt: It was a generous serving of Macaroni Pasta in extra creamy Béchamel Sauce, infused with a healthy dosage of corn, mushroom, colored bell peppers and black olives.

It was quite filling and tasted very nice.

– Veg Shapaley from The Fat Monk: This flour based, deep fried and savoury Tibetan snack came in the shape of an elongated Gujiya or Chandrakala. It was mostly stuffed with a concoction of chopped cabbage leaves. It came accompanied with a spoonful of Chilli Tomato Garlic Chutney, like the one that you usually get with the Momos.

The dish was a tad bit too oily, but tasted nice.

– Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie and Chocolate from Bake Berry: Packed with good quality transparent paper, the brownie had the usual sized square shape, but relatively less height.

Inclusion of Cream Cheese, gave it a nice cloudy appearance and enhanced it’s taste. The Brownie was soft, fresh and tasted excellent.

The Chocolate was cork shaped and came wrapped in a shiny dual color paper.

It was average in taste.

– Chocolate Cake from The Nom Law: Shaped like a cylinder and topped with canned cherries and walnuts, it was a slice of multi layered circular chocolate cake.

It had an appealing and sumptuous appearance. It tasted good and was quite heavy on the stomach.

– Fruit Popsicle from The Frozen Tree: The Frozen Tree is quite regular with CalBunka and it’s a treat to taste their assorted Iced Popsicles in different editions of CalBunka.

This time it was Fruit Popsicle with a concentration of Watermelon Juice, infused with a healthy sprig of Basil in the middle.

The Popsicle tasted quite refreshing and good. Also, it did not melt off soon.

CalBunka’s first five editions kept you well entertained throughout 2017. Now, it’s upcoming 6th edition is shaping up to kick-start 2018 on 27 Jan. So, start gearing up for another happening Saturday. ☺

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