Dil Mango Mango Ho Gaya @ Oceanic – The Peerless Inn, Kolkata ☺

Food Festival: Mango Mania

Date: 18 to 27 May 2018

With the advent of the mango season, almost every big and small eatery is busy churning out both old and new recipes, so as to commemorate the season of the king of fruits, as well as, to offer mangolicious dining experience to it’s patrons.

It’s heart warming when big and popular city diners like Oceanic at The Peerless Inn, not only try to maintain a fair ratio of mango centric items in their vast buffet selection, but their chefs also travel that extra mile to churn out a well balanced melange of authentic, innovative and fusion based mango centric dishes.

The ongoing Mango Mania at Oceanic, assures you the presence of the following count of vegetarian mango dishes in their lavish buffet spreads –

1 Starter, 1 Soup, 1 Salad, 1 Dal, 1 Main Course and 4 Desserts, out of which 2 will be Indian and 2 Western.

Of course the respective dishes will vary on day-to-day basis. Equal or more presence of non-vegetarian mango centric dishes will be there as well. And alongside there will be the usual vast array of multicuisine dishes.

I was invited by the management to do a tasting session on the very first day of Mango Mania. Therein, I chose to taste only the vegetarian mango wares and no other usual veg dish from their buffet menu ‘for the day’.

The bevy of mangolicious dishes put forward by the kitchen team on my table were –

– Soup –

– Cream Of Mango: A pastel yellow hued cold soup, garnished with three olive roundels was served in a white ceramic soup bowl. The soup was a concoction of – mango puree, fresh cream and a hint of lime.

The soup was an innovative version of the popular mango beverage called ‘aamras’. It tasted nice and soothing. Even the olive roundels tasted nice while nibbling and surprisingly went well with the soup.

Till now I had tasted assorted mango puree concoctions wherein it was mixed with either of one of the following food elements – cardamom, milk, curd and malai.

The aforesaid concoction with fresh cream and lime was quite new and interesting to me.

I think it would pair best with a cold and non tangy salad.

– Salad –

– Raw Mango Salad: Soaked in Mustard Vinaigrette dressing, uniformly cut raw mango juliennes were served with a relatively smaller ratio of carrot juliennes and corn.

Placed in the centre of a deep basined and wide rimmed white ceramic dish, the Salad looked beautiful and tasted tangy and nice.

I think if some plain and colored fusilli pasta and Sweet Onion dressing are added to this Salad, it would further enhance it’s taste and existance as an independent dish.

– Starter –

– Nachos With Mango Salsa: Placed on a white ceramic dish, a small black bowl of Mango Salsa came surrounded with store bought and slightly spicy Nachos.

The Salsa was basically mango puree infused with finely chopped raw mangoes, ripe mangoes and green chillies.

The combo expectantly tasted nice.

– Main Course –

– Raw Mango Rice: Served in a bowl shaped heap on a white ceramic dish, the rice preparation was actually Mangai Sadam, a traditional dish from Aandhra Pradesh.

It was basically fried rice infused with grated raw mango and peanuts.

The dish paired very well with the below mentioned Paneer preparation.

– Paneer Tikulia Khurchan: Served in a big white ceramic bowl, it was the usual popular spicy Paneer aka Cottage Cheese preparation with enough tomato and onion. The only variation from the usual recipe was the presence of raw mango in the mix.

Mango as such pairs well with Paneer. In the past, I have tasted wonderful Paneer Tikkas infused with bits of Aam Papad and cold Salads comprising of both Paneer cubes and Mango chunks.

The aforementioned dish also tasted quite nice.

The term ‘Tikuli’ in Bhojpuri means Bindi, the forehead accessory worn between the eyebrows. Tikuliya is kind of a layman Bhojpuri term for the same. But how on earth did this term connected with this dish, I am yet to find out!

– Dessert –

– Aam Panna Delight: Attractively served in a stemmed glass, this dessert was basically kairi flavored mousse, topped with a cherry and a thin slice of ripe mangi. The glass was smeared with some Chocolate Sauce from the inside and a long and slender Chocolate Roll-Up was inserted in the mousse.

The dessert was foamy and tasted nice.

– Mango Sandesh: On a white ceramic plate, two square shaped mango flavored Sandesh, drizzled with some Mango Sauce and a couple of almond shavings, came placed atop a circular banana leaf.

The Sandesh were sturdy and made of in-house made Chhena. They were filling and tasted excellent.

If you are looking for a wholesome buffet inclusive of assorted mango based dishes, then Oceanic is your place to be till the month’s end.

Price per plate: Lunch – Rs. 1299/- ++, Dinner – Rs. 1,399/- ++

Availability: Mon to Fri – Dinner, Sat to Sun – Lunch & Dinner

Timing: Lunch – 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm, Dinner – 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Address: The Peerless Inn Hotel, 12 J. L. Nehru Road, Esplanade, Kolkata -700 013

Phone No.: 9007770841


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