Grand Kebab Festival @ Casa Kitchen – Hotel Casa Fortuna, Kolkata ☺

Duration: 29 Jun – 8 Jul 2018
Timing: 12:30 pm – 10:45 pm

Casa Kitchen, the reputed vegetarian multicuisine restaurant is quite regular with it’s assorted food festivals.

Their Grand Kebab Festival is quite popular amongst their regular clientele, as it is always a combination of both perfected old, as well as, experimental new recipes.

The ongoing Grand Kebab Festival, in it’s 6th edition, comprises of the following 12 types of Kebabs –

Peri Peri Paneer Tikka, Irani Paneer Tikka, Kasturi Paneer Tikka, Paneer Tikka Lasouni, Khumb Galouti, Shabnami Kebab, Babri Aloo, Vilayati Subz Seekh, Golkonda Kebab, Makai Lasooni Seekh, Hara Aloo Tikka and Chane Ki Kebab.

Each of the aforementioned Kebab is priced Rs. 375/- (plus tax) and comprises of 6 portions, placed carefully over a bed of shredded cabbage and the likes. Each Kebab dish is served on an oval metallic sizzler plate placed inside an oval wooden holder with thick rim and handle, like a hand mirror.

Assorted Kebabs
Assorted Kebabs

Being invited for the afore mentioned Grand Kebab Festival’s tasting session, I opted to go for 3 new and unusual Kebabs and 1 comfort Kebab.

My tasting session comprised of –

– Irani Paneer Tikka: It comprised of yoghurt marinated thick cottage cheese cubes, stuffed with apricots and nuts and garnished with finely chopped red bell pepper.

It was an absolutely new dish to me, which went well with my palate. The sweet and mushy taste of the apricots went well with the paneer chunk and relatively low presence of seasonings gave it the intended sweet taste.

The Kebab looked quite attractive and tasted excellent.

Irani Paneer Tikka

– Khumb Galouti: Galouti Kebabs are primarily super soft mutton based Kebabs that are supposed to melt in the mouth. Creating a similar texture with vegetarian ingredients is quite difficult.

But Khumb Galouti was the nearest possible vegetarian version of the popular Galouti Kebab. It was actually a minced mushroom pattie, tempered with mild Indian spices and garnished with finely chopped red and yellow bell peppers.

The Kebabs were super soft and quite the hero of the tasting session for almost all the diners present on the tasting table.

But, since I had earlier tasted similar mushroom based Kebabs at Swissotel, my hero of the meal continued to be the afore mentioned Irani Paneer Tikka.

Khumb Galouti

– Golkonda Kebab: It comprised of ball shaped deep fried cottage cheese stuffed spinach dumplings, served inside mini baskets made of flour and corn flour. These baskets were more like bowl shaped soft Loochis (Bengali deep fried flour based bread).

This Hyderabadi fusion Kebab had an unusual appearance and interesting presentation. The spinach, cheese and cereal based basket combo was like a full meal in itself.

The dish tasted good.

Golkonda Kebab

– Chane Ki Kebab: These were the tried and tasted comfort Kebabs that we ordered towards the end of the tasting session. They comprised of thick tikiya shaped minced chick-peas patties, shallow fried in desi ghee.

They were expectantly dry in texture, uniformly cooked and tasted quite good.

Chane Ki Kebab

– Condiments: The Kebabs came accompanied with three separate bowls of mayonnaise based Dips. They were – Pure Mayonnaise Dip, Green Chutney Dip and Cocktail Dip. Hued in the respective colors of white, parrot green and orangish pink, the Dips looked cool and tasted good.


Post tasting the afore mentioned yummy and filling Kebabs, my co-diners and myself refrained from ordering any main course. Instead, we settled for piping hot and freshly made in-house Gulab Jamuns.

Garnished with some broken cashews, each diner was served a solitary medium sized Gulab Jamun in a steel based goblet type holder, generally used for serving Ice-creams and Kulfis.

The Gulab Jamuns were soft, syrupy and tasted excellent.

Gulab Jamun

All in all, it was a wonderful tasting session, set amidst well trained and courteous staff, warm and friendly management, perfected recipes and good quality food.

My Tasting Plate

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  1. Priya says:

    Great,,,, so many choices.. And wonderful display of each items

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  2. aushi bajaj says:

    Wonderful and tempting presentation of kebabs feeling hungry after reading ur post..

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