3 Days Of Onam Festivity @ Rasam – The Stadel, Salt Lake ☺

Food Event: Onam Festival

Venue: Rasam – The Stadel

Duration: 24-26 Aug 2018

At Rasam, the popular vegetarian South Indian restaurant, that resides on the premises of The Stadel, Onam is usually a four or more days of festive feast comprising of – a specially created festive menu, beautiful floral decoration, special regional dressing of the staff and invites to one or more eminent city personnels.

But this year, due to the recent floods and the resultant mass destruction in Kerala, Onam at Rasam is a subtle three days food event. No decor, no special dress up, but nonetheless a well curated menu and good food, so as to respect the demand and expectation of Rasam’s patrons.

Yesterday, Rasam invited me for a tasting session of their ongoing Onam Festival and I ended up tasting 5 out of 6 of their following dishes –

1. Urlai Roast (Rs. 90/-): Making it’s debut at Rasam, it was a kind of a snack dish comprising of fried baby potatoes, tossed and topped with enough finely chopped and crisp fried onions and garlic, infused with crushed pepper and other regular spices, finely garnished with some coriander leaves.

This South Indian version of Aloo Chaat was totally prepared in coconut oil. Initially, I was little sceptical trying it, as I was not sure of associating the aroma of coconut oil with my food bites, but I succumbed to the moment, just to know the taste of it all. Fortunately, the dish was devoid of any strong or disturbing aroma. In fact, it tasted quite nice.

The festival menu also lists Bisibele Bhat. I think this dish will pair well with it.

Urlai Roast

2. Rava Idly (Rs. 90/-): A pair of big and wholesome rava or suji idlis infused with two types of dals (pulses) and cashewnuts was served along with Sambhar, Coconut Chutney and Tomato-Onion Chutney.

I have always liked Rasam’s festive Rava Idlis. Now, they seem to have perfected their recipe. No wonder the Idlis tasted excellent. The accompaniments also tasted good.

Rava Idly

3. Appam With Korma (Rs. 180/-): A rice Appam was served along with the coconut milk gravy based Korma, filled with vegetables like – carrot, beans, peas, potato and the likes, finally garnished with some coriander leaves. The Korma was quite thick in consistancy and tasted nice.

The Appam was expectantly soft, fluffly and uniformly cooked. It tasted excellent.

Additional Appams are available upon request. Each such order would cost you Rs. 80/-.

Appam With Korma

4. Bisibele Bhat (Rs. 160/-): It is a South Indian preparation of rice and pulses served with pickle, poppadum and banana chips.

I was too filled with other tasting dishes. So, I refrained from tasting this one.

5. Kerala Paratha With Korma (Rs. 180/-): Sliced into a total of four semi-circles, two Layered or Lachcha Parathas were served along with a bowl full of the afore mentioned Korma.

By default these Parathas are supposed to be cooked in coconut oil, but I requested them to cook mine in the usual cooking oil. You see, one cannot be too experimental in one single meal!

The Parathas were crisp and nice.

Kerala Paratha With Korma

6. Gur Idly (Rs. 90/-): A dessert style innovation of a pair of Idlis, wherein each Idli was stuffed with a concoction of coconut and gur or jaggery was served along with a bowl of molten jaggery.

Following a bite of this Idly, immediately with a spoonful of the accompanying liquid gur, gave out the intended taste.

The dish tasted nice. However, I feel that their kitchen team can further experiment with this dish by adding some roasted suji or grounded dal in the Idli stuffing.

Gur Idly

Go fast and have your bite. The festival menu is operational till tomorrow.

Happy Onam to ALL ☺

Onam Festival Menu

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  1. Milee Banerjee says:

    Thank you so much for visiting us and for this wonderful article. We appreciate your time and valuable feedback.

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  2. Priya says:

    I m an all time south Indian cuisine lover… And trust me rava dosa is my favourite coz of its crispiness and ur pic says d same….. Waiting to move to stadel soon for this..

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    1. pritypoddar says:

      Please, do try it. ☺


  3. Padma says:

    Seems have to check out now stadel fr its lip smacking dosas..ur review is pulling me..

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  4. aushi bajaj says:

    After reading ur review want to try rava dosa in stadel

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  5. GAUTAM R Gupta says:

    Reading it review tempted to visit any of Stadel’s next festival..

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    1. pritypoddar says:

      Do visit please. It serves one of the best South Indian food in Kolkata.


  6. mitalib72 says:


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