6 Months Birthday Of Sly Fox Gastro Club With 12 Chef’s Special Vegetarian Dishes ☺

Sly Fox Gastro Club, the classy and spacious 80 seater multicuisine diner at Globsyn Crystals, Sec V, Salt Lake, opened it’s gates on 18th Apr 2018.

Within 6 months, it has ably created a big set of repeat customers and loyal patrons, who like to visit the diner for it’s open space, hospitality and most importantly authentic ingredients, fusions and presentations.

18th Oct 2018 marks the half-birthday of this new and popular diner. To celebrate the same, recently I was invited to attend a Chef’s Table along with the owners.

The following items were presented for tasting –

– Mocktails –

– Bela Sorbet (Rs. 195/-): Made if extracts of real bela aka jasmine flowers, it was an innovative and lovely Sorbet, served in a margarita glass and topped with some soaked Sabja Seeds and in-house made gelatin Caviars.

To give the local and ongoing Pujo touch, the glass came placed on a quarter plate made of cane, which also contained – some puja centric grains in two small clay pots, three kiwi slices and a handful of real jasmine flowers.

Devoid of any extra sugar or artificial flavor, the Sorbet tasted excellent. It was a subtle and mildly flavored item that gave out a very nice after state. In fact, if you consumed it with closed eyes, it created a sense of happiness!

Bela Sorbet

– Black Tango (Rs. 225/-): A medium sized cream colored ceramic glass with a 3D black fox present on it’s side came filled with a modern version of Kala-Khatta, the age old popular drink.

Infused with enough ice cubes, the mocktail was topped with – a sprig of mint, cherries, thin and round slices of imported plum and a mini ice bowl containing dried red ber.

The entire combination looked interesting and tasted excellent. It was a kind of mocktail that keeps you busy and engrossed till your food order arrives.

The red ber brought in a lot of nostalgia, as they were something I had purchased and consumed only during and before my primary school days.

Black Tango

– OK (Rs. 225/-): Presented in a cylindrical shaped blue-black ceramic glass with a demonish face design, it was a lovely mocktail made of fresh orange juice, yuzu (a Japanese fruit) extracts and the likes.

It was topped with – a solitary leaf, a sprig of cherries and a mini ice bowl filled with pomegranate seeds.


It tasted excellent.

– Appetizers –

– Anti Pasti Platter (Rs. 345/-): A thin rectangular wooden tray came laden with – 6 slices of Insalata Caprese and few stems of Buttered Asparagus placed delicately on some lettuce, 2 white square ceramic bowls containing Pesto and black and green Olives respectively, 2 slices of Bruschetta and 2 Pillow Pita.

All the afore mentioned elements were expectantly nice. But Pillow Pitas deserve a special mention, as they were exactly pillow shaped, hollow and crisp. Also, they were baked just perfect. Such creations are not easy to make.

Anti Pasti Platter

– Crumb Fried Begun Bhaja Salsa (Rs. 175/-): I have had various adaptation of eggplant as baked dishes and fritters, but this tweaked recipe of Begun Bhaja from the Bengali cuisine took me by complete surprise.

5 portions of eggplant roundels were crumb fried and served with a side salad of finely chopped tomatoes and a small bowl of Jalapeño Salsa. Each eggplant fritter was smeared with some Pesto and topped with a dollop of cream.

The fritters were well cooked, super crisp and did not exude any extra oil.

It was one of the best aubergine based dish that I had ever tasted.

Crumb Fried Begun Bhaja Salsa

– Tandoori Khumb (Rs. 295/-): A white rectangular ceramic dish came laden with 8 portions of stuffed, marinated and tandoor baked Mushrooms, presented in twosomes. The dish also contained a colorful Side Salad and a small square bowl of home style coriander-mint Chutney.

The Mushrooms were stuffed with a minced spinach mixture, well cooked and exuded a nice tandoor flavor.

The dish tasted wholesome and good.

Tandoori Khumb

– Foxy Dimsum (Rs. 295/-): Placed on a wooden tray, a circular cane basket came laden with 6 portions of potato starch based Dimsums colored in the hues of – red, green, yellow, purple, black and white respectively. The three accompanying small white ceramic bowls contained – chives, sweet & sour chilli sauce and chilli oil respectively.

The Dimsums had the usual veggie filling and were colored with blanch vegetable juice, like that of – beetroot, carrot, spinach etc.

The dish looked beautiful and tasted good.

Foxy Dimsum

– The Foxy Moori (Rs. 125/-): A brown ceramic slightly wok shaped dish was presented with a cylindrical glass encased around a moderate portion of Jhaal Muri, which was further surrounded with broken pieces of in-house made Granola Bars and Maltas aka oranges.

Right in front of us, the glass encasing was delicately removed by the serving staff with a practised hand, that left the Jhaal Muri tower exposed sans any side support, standing on it’s own for a few seconds, before it finallt crumbled down.

Apart from the other usual ingredients, the dish had a slight presence of Kasundi. It had a dramatic presentation and tasted nice.

The Foxy Moori with the glass casing.

The Foxy Moori without the glass casing.

– Main Course –

– Chaasi Chop With Black Pepper Sauce (Rs. 365/-): A shining black circular ceramic dish came laden with a big circular veggie Patty topped with a generous portion of Pepper Sauce. Placed alongside were – a small circular mound of veggie Pulao and some Sauted Vegetables.

The Patty or Chop resembled the ones available at age old Kolkata clubs. It was crunchy, well cooked and tasted excellent. The Pepper Sauce was made in-house and well complimented the Chop. The Pulao carried a nice flavor of sauted onions and it was devoid of strong spices. It tasted good. Comprising of zucchini, broccoli and carrot, the side Salad also tasted nice.

Chaasi Chop With Black Pepper Sauce

– Siam Curry (Rs. 445/-): Two big ceramic bowls came laden with Steamed Rice and Thai Green Curry respectively. The Curry bowl also had a sturdy stick like handle jutting out of it. The Curry was well infused with – bamboo shoot, Thai aubergine and Kaffir lime. The Steamed Rice was well cooked with perfect separation of grains.

The dish was flavorsome, light on the tummy and tasted good.

Siam Curry

– Fettuccine Pesto (Rs. 375/-): A wide rimmed white ceramic bowl came filled with Fettucine Pasta, cooked in Pesto and garnished with enough – pepper powder, some grated cheese and a solitary piece of buttered asparagus. Placed on the rim, was an accompanying slice of Garlic Bread.

The Pasta was well infused with finely minced zucchini, broccoli and asparagus, which gave a nice texture and taste to the dish.

Very rarely one comes across a tasty preparation of Fettuccine Pasta. So, this was a welcome break from the usual Penne and Spaghetti.

The Garlic Bread also tasted nice.

Fettuccine Pesto

– Dessert-

– Tic Tac Toe (Rs. 245/-): Placed like a diagonal winning line on a Tic Tac Toe game, 3 small thick bottomed glasses of assorted creme brulees came placed on a white rectangular ceramic dish, which had the afore mentioned game drawn with colored lines drawn with 2 types of sauces and 3 pieces of edible Chocolates.

The assorted creme brulees were – Hazelnut, Strawberry and Blueberry respectively. Each one was well concocted, steamed and torched on the top. Personally, I liked the Blueberry one best.

The Dessert had an interesting presentation and it tasted good.

Tic Tac Toe

All in all, the Chef’s Table was well curated and left me with a nice assortment of tastes, a bit of nostalgia and a good memory of interesting presentations.

It was nice to witness the organic approach of the diner, wherein they refrain from using – artificial colors, chemicals and even canned juices. Besides, they grow their own micro greens and make their own – granola bars, ice creams (except vanilla) and breads (eggless).

Though the diner has a centrally placed and well designed bar, it is yet to get it’s liquor license. But it’s assorted range of carefully curated and ostentatiously presented mocktails are good enough to make a repeat visitor out of their guests!

Happy Half-Birthday to Sly Fox !!! ☺

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 1,250/-

Timing: 12:30 pm – 11:30 pm (Mon – Sun)

Globsyn Crystals, Podium Level, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake City.

Phone: +91 33 46025151/52

Website: http://www.slyfox.co.in


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  1. Priya says:

    Wow that’s seems to b a nice cute hamper… Congrats dear lemme know d taste and quality of Peach Mermelada u got..

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    1. pritypoddar says:

      It was fab. Very good quality. ☺


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        GREAT !!
        Good Food & a good presentation .

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    Very good food display and pics taken ..thnx for details Prity Poddar

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    Lucky to visit this place with u was a grt experience

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    It was a get experience visiting this place with u…

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  5. Mahesh Khetan says:

    Such reviews force us to go out and explore new places. Amazingly detailed. Thanks and keep them coming

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      Mocktails here are too good. Do visit if you can. ☺


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    GREAT !!
    Good food and a good presentation !!

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