Badam Daab Sharbat 😊

Badam Daab Sharbat

Ours is one if those households, wherein every Holi, bottles of Badam and Thandai Sherbats are bound to enter the kitchen via self purchase or as gifts (well, we also gift them) and barring 3-4 times around the Holi festival, they are never to be opened again for any kind of consumption but stored till the following Holi to be given away to the working staff, when the new batch of Sherbats arrives!

Last week, everytime I entered the kitchen, I found two withering Daabs scowling at me. For some reason, everybody at home seemed to be done with their daily quota of Daab water and no one was interested in having any more, including me.

And then the mathematician in me bellowed – ‘two negatives can result into a positive’ and voila I concocted a mocktail combining the two aforesaid rejects and the resultant drink was quite favored by all!

Recipe is given below –

Badam Daab Sharbat (Serves 1)


– 4-6 tsp of ready-made Badam Sharbat (tsp depends upon your preferred sweetness)
– 1 daab (green colored young coconut)
– 1 tsp sabja or basil seeds
– 7-8 almonds


1. Make a hole in the centre of the daab and take out the daab water. Sieve it. Cover and keep it in the refrigerator.

2. Soak almonds in a bowl of water.

3. Soak the sabja seeds in 3/4 glass of water.

4. After 45 minutes – take out the daab water from the refrigerator, take out the almonds from the bowl of water and sieve the sabja seeds.

5. Take a tall glass – add badam sharbat, add the sabja seeds and top it up with 1 glass of daab water. Mix well.

The sabja seeds will automatically float to the top.

6. Slice the almonds in long thin pieces and garnish over the sabja seeds. Mix slightly.

7. Your coolant mocktail is ready to drink.

It needs mentioning that, once you get hooked to these ready-made sharbat bottles, they get over pretty soon. This Holi, we adamantly allowed only small sharbat bottles to enter our kitchen. Since last week, I have barely used the one containing Badam Sharbat 4-5 times (to make the aforementioned mocktail) and it’s already finished!

But who is complaining? Definitely, not me! 😊

Note: Soaked and sieved sabja seeds can also be consumed with bel sharbat, rose sharbat, khus sharbat etc.


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