Lip Smacking South Indian Cuisine @ Rasam – The Stadel, Kolkata 🙂

Food Event: Happy Onam

Duration: 10 Sep – 13 Sep 2019

Timing: 12 noon – 10 pm

Observed by the Malayalis across the world, both as a religious and cultural festival, Onam –

– marks the start of the Malayali calendar.

– is observed as the annual harvest festival of the state of Kerala.

– commemorates the annual homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali, the grandson of Prahlada (as per the Hindu scriptures).

This year Onam festivities began on Sep 1 and will continue till Sep 13.

To commemorate Onam 2019, Rasam, the popular vegetarian South Indian restaurant has introduced Happy Onam, a special festival menu from 10-13 Sep 2019.

Today, I was invited by Rasam’s management for a tasting & review session of Happy Onam.

The festival menu comprised of the following lip smacking items –

– Rajasthani Idly (Rs. 100/-): Served alongwith Banana Chips, Coconut Chutney and Tomato-Onion Chutney, the dish comprised of 4 pieces of rectangular shaped finger sized fried Idlis.

They tasted crisp and good. Both the Chutneys were thick in consistency and tasted excellent. Banana Chips were a nice addition to the dish. They tasted nice.

Rajasthani Idly

– Rava Idly (Rs. 100/-): Served alongwith the same condiments as stated above, the dish comprised of 2 pieces of nuts infused moderate size Idlis. As evident by the name, these Idlis were made of rava aka semolina and not rice. Thus, they were relatively less porous.

They dish tasted nice and filling.

Rava Idly

– Appam With Korma (Rs. 190/-): A soft, big and fluffy Appam was served alongwith vegetable rich Korma and Banana Chips. Made in coconut milk, the Korma was well infused with uniformly diced carrot, beans, potato and peas. It’s consistency was thicker than what is usually available in the restaurants.

The dish was healthy and tasted excellent.

It needs mentioning that, one can avail extra Appams at Rs. 80/- each.

Appam With Korma

– Bisibele Bhat (Rs. 170/-): We refrained from ordering this spicy rice and dal based delicacy, as we were too filled with the already served Idlis and Korma based dishes.

– Kerala Paratha With Korma (Rs. 180/-): Neatly sliced in equal halves, 2 cashew nuts infused Lachchedar Parathas were served with the aforementioned Korma and Banana Chips. The Parathas were cooked in coconut oil, but they did not emit any unpleasant smell. In fact, they were extremely well cooked, well layered, crispy and tasty.

Kerala Paratha With Korma

– Gur Idly (Rs. 100/-): This dessert style Idly dish comprised of 2 pieces of Idlis and one bowl of thick liquid gur aka jaggery. The Idlis were stuffed with grated coconut and smeared with liquid gur on the surface.

The dish tasted nice.

Gur Idly

All in all, it was a lovely tasting session.

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