Sizzler Fest XMAS 2019 @ Casa Kitchen, Minto Park, Kolkata 😊

Duration: 21 Dec 2019 – 1 Jan 2020

Keeping in tune with the ongoing festive spirit of the upcoming Christmas and New Year, Casa Kitchen, the ultra popular vegetarian multicuisine restaurant has curated a fantastic sizzler styled menu of popular multicuisine dishes, as well as, food pairings and fusions, for their Sizzler Fest XMAS 2019 that kickstarted on 21 Dec 2019 and will continue till 1 Jan 2020.

The festive menu consists of 5 starters, 4 main-course dishes and 2 desserts. The dishes of the former two categories are presented sizzling and piping hot, place over banana leaves, on sizzler metallic plates, which are placed over wooden carrier trays.

Yesterdays, I was invited by the management at Casa Kitchen for a tasting & review session of the aforementioned food festival.

The dishes presented for tasting were –

– Accompaniments –

First and foremost a platter of salsa and dips was served on the table, which comprised of – pineapple and mint salsa, mint pesto, chipotle sauce and a mayonnaise based dip.

All of them tasted good and each of them paired well with one of the served dishes.

Salsa and Dips

– Starters –

– Cottage cheese quesadilla with pineapple and mint salsa (Rs. 325/-): Exotic vegetables were chopped, cooked, mixed with cheese and placed between two tortillas, which was then grilled using oil on both the sides, cut into quadrants and presented with some chopped cabbage and grated cheese strewn all over.

The dish came accompanied with a simple but tasty salsa comprising o finely chopped pinepple, tomato and mint leaves.

The dish tasted good.

Cottage cheese quesadilla with pineapple and mint salsa

– Tortilla filled vegetables in southwest sauce (Rs. 295/-): Slightly pickled vegetables that mostly comprised of colored bell peppers were stuffed in 2 tortilla rolls, which were sliced diagonally into two halves and served with chipotle sauce.

The tortillas were quite healthy, sans any extra oil, frying or spices. The accompanying chipotle sauce was expectantly fiery and added the spicy touch to the dish.

The dish tasted excellent.

Tortilla filled vegetables in southwest sauce

– Main-Course –

– Tomato basil rigatoni with cheesy potato and tossed vegetables (Rs. 325/-): It was an interesting dish comprising of the following components – lasagna sheets half filled with cooked spinach and half filled with a tomato concoction, closed like a wrap and deep fried; slightly spicy tomato reduction poured over the fried wraps; unpeeled and grilled baby potatoes and glazed vegetables on the side.

The baby potatoes paired well with the mint pesto which was infused with powdered walnuts.

I advised the chef to add a slice of garlic bread to the existing platter and they immediately obliged.

The dish was quite well presented, apt for the ongoing winter and tasted excellent.

Tomato basil rigatoni with cheesy potato and tossed vegetables

– Vegetable and beans chimichangas (Rs. 325/-): 2 tortillas came stuffed with rice, beans and tomato concoction and wrapped like typical chimichangas, with a side portion of corn rice.

The dish tasted good and paired well with the mayonnaise based dip.

Vegetable and beans chimichangas

– Dessert –

– Caramel custard (Rs. 195/-): Topped with a tinned red cherry and surrounded with golden colored sauce, the yellow and golden caramel custard was a sight to behold.

It was fresh, melt-in-the-mouth, light in composition, slightly fluffy and tasty.

Caramel custard

If the table conversation is good, then I like my dessert to last a little longer. Thus, I paired the caramel custard with half a cup of cappuccino. The combination was expectantly nice.


So, even if you are a vegetarian and in dilemma about dining out during the next couple of weeks, as all the specials available would be mostly non vegetarian items, then Casa Kitchen is your place to be. And even if you prefer non veg food, you would surely enjoy their preparations for a change, specially that are created around cottage cheese!


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