Healthy Burgers + Beetroot Latte @ Eat Good Food, Kolkata 😊

Eat Good Food (EGF), an all day café serving healthy, delicious and wholesome food, is owned by Hena Nafis, the celebrity consultant nutritionist.

Around two years back, I attended a bloggers meet at EGF and blogged about the same at –

It was then, I realized that Hena’s experience with her patients and patience with food experiments would surely make her innovate quite a few healthy and tasty food items in the near future.

No wonder that a few months back, she has successfully introduced a whole new range of low-calorie healthy burgers and antioxidants-rich caffeine-free lattes!

The burger range comprises of 4 differently colored buns, named – Green Matcha, The Black Devil, Red Hot and My Sunshine.

Burger Buns – Green Matcha, My Sunshine, Red Hot, The Black Devil and Keto

You can pair any of these buns with the following 4 patties, namely – Chickpea Quinoa, Red Bean Mushroom, Chicken N Herb and Atlantic Salmon.

Patties – Chickpea Quinoa and Red Bean Mushroom

All of the aforementioned burgers are made of whole-wheat flour and not maida and generously sprinkled on the surface with sesame seeds that are good fats. Each of these burgers’ color pigment is fruit and vegetable based and equipped with antioxidant properties. All of the aforementioned patties are baked and not fried and are absolutely free of potato.

The burger range further consists of a veg and a non veg option of Keto Burger and likewise of HP Burger (high protein).

Barring the HP Burgers, all the other burgers come with a side dish comprising of either Baked Sweet Potato Wedges or Keto Zucchini Fries.

It goes without saying that, the menu listing of each burger option is followed by it’s respective calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate count.

The Latte range comprises of – Matcha Latte, Charcoal Latte, Beetroot Latte and Turmeric Latte.

A couple of months back, I was invited by EGF to cover their healthy burgers and lattes range.

Post my educational session with Hena, wherein she divulged the healthy properties and making process of the aforesaid items, I opted to taste –

– Beetroot Latte (Rs. 300/-): It was basically a generous serving of frothy milk blended with beetroot juice sans any sweetener, which was fine, as beetroot in itself acted as a mild sweetener in the milk!

It was a current age healthy beverage, served in a beautiful white ceramic cup and square shaped saucer set, with black handle and black lined edges.

Devoid of even an iota of coffee, it was more of a flavored hot milk than a latte.

Beetroot Latte

– Red Bean Mushroom Burger (Rs. 300/-): Since I opted for The Black Devil, it was a wholesome black bun burger, stuffed with lettuce, arugula, shredded purple cabbage, iron-rich red kidney beans and mushroom patty, mild seasonings and sriracha, a low fat dressing.

It came accompanied with a small serving of Baked Sweet Potato Wedges.

The bun’s black color was attained by using activated charcoal. It absolutely did not emit any unpleasant odour or flavor. The dish tasted fresh, tasty and filling.

Red Bean Mushroom Burger with Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

– Veg Keto Burger (Rs. 365/-): Herein, the burger bun was made of almond flour and devoid of any extra pigment. It came stuffed with arugula, thin cucumber slices, colored bell peppers, cottage cheese patty and paprika mayo dressing.

It came accompanied with a small serving of Keto Zucchini Fries, which were a revelation, as they looked and almost tasted like French Fries!

The burger bun emitted a pleasant vanilla flavor. The dish tasted fresh and nice.

This burger was more filling than the former one.

Veg Keto Burger with Keto Zucchini Fries
Red Bean Mushroom Burger and Veg Keto Burger

All in all, it was an educational and healthy tasting session.

EGF has also introduced a well curated healthy meal subscription plan called ‘My Meal Works’ which provides Low GI Meal, High Protein Meal and Keto Meal, in both weekly, as well as, monthly packages.

To subscribe or to know more about these packages, you can call at – 033 4005 1000, 98303 00957 and 62918 68709.

Note: I was so enamored with these burgers that I also bought them for home consumption, wherein I first deconstructed them for a thorough understanding of their elements and later consumed them with family, after sprinkling them with some bhujia!

Healthy Burgers Menu

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