Sumptuous Holi Platter @ Pasticceria, Salt Lake šŸ™‚

Primarily popular for her timely delivered and tasty breakfast platters, Beena Agarwal, the home chef cum baker who works under her 5 years old brand Pasticceria, also deals in sumptuous platters designed for festivals and social events.

Yesterday, she sent me 2 trays full of Holi Love. The Holi Platter had dishes from Oriental cuisine, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine, bakery and confectionery!

Holi Platter – Tray 1

Holi Platter – Tray 2

It comprised of the following items –

– 6 pcs of Vietnamese Roll with a small bowl of sweet chili sauce:

The rolls were neatly wrapped and stuffed with rice noodles, some colored bell peppers, peanuts and decorative coriander. The sauce was made in-house. Both the dish and the condiment were fresh and tasty.

Vietnamese Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce and Pesto Panini

– 6 pcs of Pesto Panini:

In-house made focaccia style bread sans any surface garnishing was cut into triangles, stuffed with a concoction of pesto, mayo, colored bell peppers and lettuce and put together with a toothpick inserted in between with a decorative black olives on top. The grilled paninis were nice and filling.

– 1 big casserole of Lasagne:

The lasagne with it’s carefully arranged layers of lasagne sheets, finely chopped exotic vegetables, red and white sauces and cheese was a full meal in itself. It looked wholesome and tasted perfect.

A portion of Lasagne

Lasagne, Rainbow Cake, Pesto Panini and Vietnamese Rolls
The Complete Holi Platter

– 1 big bowl of Chola with 6 Tikkis and 6 small bowls containing chopped green chili, onion, coriander leaves, green chutney, tamarind chutney and ginger juliennes:

The tikkis were half fried. I just shallow fried them over the griddle and assembled them with the accompanying elements. There was enough Chola for everyone to take a second serving. The dish tasted excellent.

Chola Tikki

Chola Tikki Platter

– 1 big and colorful Rainbow Cake:
Crisscrossed all over the surface and sides with multi color lines running from one edge of the cake to the other, with one of the cake’s slices neatly cut and placed a little outside, so as to show the cake’s rainbow pattern, the cake was literally screaming that ‘I am the Holi Cake!’. It looked quite beautiful and neat. The colors used were bright and eye appeasing. It tasted good.

A Slice of Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

The food quantity was good enough for 6-8 people.

This entire platter would cost you Rs. 3,000/-, exclusive of trays and utensils which are supposed to be returned. If you wish, then you can buy them as well at an extra charge.

Phone: +91 93301 62321

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