Lovely Food Presentation @ Gabbar’s Bar & Kitchen, Kolkata 🙂

I remember this one being an impromptu dinner planned for three of us, to celebrate the Kolkata visit of a dear one.

Our food order comprised of –

Mushroom Chai: Accompanied with edible Dehydrated Mushrooms and Truffle Sugar, the Mushroom Chai was a far cry from the usual Mushroom Soup or Cream of Mushroom.

As per the norm, we mixed both the aforesaid accompaniments in the hot Chai and quite enjoyed the mushroom flavored thin consistancy liquid (like tea sans milk). The Dehydrated Mushrooms got soaked instantly, and were a pleasure to nibble.

The Chai was refreshing.

Mushroom Chai

Manchow Soup: The healthy Indian Chinese soup came accompanied with a bowl of crispy fried noodles.

It was expectantly nice and spicy.

Manchow Soup

Balam Puchkari: Served with the elements of molecular gastronomy, the dish basically comprised of 8 long Puchkas, the ultra popular street food of India.

The Puchkas were nice.

I remember that they enjoyed the status of the signature dish of Gabbar’s for a long time.

Balam Puchkari

Highway De Dhabe Di Shaan: It was basically a collection of 4 Kulchas served in Taco style with Chhola stuffed between them.

The Chhola was too spicy. The dish tasted average.

Highway De Dhabe Di Shaan

Penne Paprika Cream: Sans any vegetable, it was a usual plate of Penne Pasta made in cream sauce and seasoned with enough paprika powder.

The Pasta tasted nice. But the quantity served was a tad bit less.

Penne Paprika Cream

Munni Ke Badnaam Kofte: Named on the lines of the famous item song ‘Munni badnaam hui’ the gravy rich Malai Kofta were served in a deep aluminium pan.

The preparation was rich and tasted excellent.

Munni Ke Badnaam Kofte

Cheese Chilli Olive Naan: Can this Naan ever go wrong? No.

It was quite good.

Lachcha Paratha: The flaky and layered bread tasted good.

Cheese Chilli Olive Naan and Lachcha Paratha
Bill Box

Note: My food journey has enabled me to taste an assortment of food items belonging to varied cuisines, most of which I have shared through my blog and social media posts. Still, I am left with a good collection of food pics that I never got time to share.

I am sharing them now. This is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry.

The aforementioned dining took place more than a year back. It was not a tasting session. We paid for it.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.

Kindly follow the blog for all food updates.

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