Italian Lunch @ Amici Cafe, Cyber Hub, Gurugram ☺

When you happen to be travelling to the same city as your visiting Italian lady friend, the best way to celebrate is to have a true blue Italian lunch with her at a restaurant of her choice.

That’s what we did and our Italian friend opted to eat at Amici Cafe at Cyber Hub, Gurugram.

However, this was more than a couple of years back. Today, Amici Cafe in Delhi, operates from only Defence Colony.

Upon visiting, we found the cafe clean and cosy. The staff was courteous. We opted for –

– Orange And Kaffir Lime: The orange flavored soda based sweet beverage came strewn with leaves and tasted good.

Orange And Kaffir Lime

– Sweet Lime Soda: It was the usual soda shikanji sans the Indian masala. It tasted nice.

Sweet Lime Soda

– Farmer’s Market Veggies Sandwich: In a white rectangular dish, they served a nice and hefty rectangular sandwich, which was stuffed with – roasted bell peppers, grilled onions and zucchini, and marinated mushrooms. The sandwich spread was basil pesto. The bread was not toasted.

A side serving of salad juliennes placed alongside some lettuce leaves was also served on the same plate.

If you have a taste for charred and non sweet veggies, and if you can understand a sandwich, beyond dollops of butter and/or cheese spread, then, you will love this sandwich. I did.

However, I could not spot this sandwich in the Amici Cafe’s current menu.

Farmer’s Market Veggies Sandwich

– Margherita: It was a true blue thin crust margherita pizza, with no unnecessarily oozing butter or cramped up toppings. Topped with just Italian tomato sauce and strategically arranged mozzarella cheese, this vegetarian pizza was oven fresh, looked quite sumptuous and tasted pretty good.

If it’s not paired with any other dish, then the quantity would suffice 1-2 people.


– Spinach Ricotta Ravioli: Two big sumptuous looking in-house made ravioli came stuffed with spinach and ricotta concoction and served with tomato ragouts and pine nuts.

Hued in the shades of red, green and white, the dish looked beautiful and tasted fabulous.

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli
Sandwich, Ravioli and Pizza
Italian Lunch With Friends

Note: My food journey has enabled me to taste an assortment of food items belonging to varied cuisines, most of which I have shared through my blog and social media posts. Still, I am left with a good collection of food pics that I never got time to share.

I am sharing them now. This is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry.

The aforementioned dining took place more than a year back. It was not a tasting session. We paid for it.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.

Kindly follow the blog for all food updates.

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