No Onion No Garlic Vegetarian Lunch @ Govinda’s, Kolkata ☺

Govinda’s is a one if it’s kind 100 seater vegetarian restaurant located on the ground floor of Sri Sri Radha Govindaji Mandir at Minto Park in Kolkata. The entry to the restaurant area is through their in-house sweet shop.

The entire restaurant is a collection of three inter connected rooms with white walls, simple white false ceilings and black flooring. The furniture comprises of rectangular and solid wooden tables and wooden upholstered comfortable chairs, arranged in clusters of 2, 4 and 6. The walls are adorned with the photos of Lord Krishna.

The waiters are dressed in black trousers, light brown shirt and black bow. They are soft spoken.

The crockery is white ceramic and cutlery is usual steel. The serving bowls are made of steel with copper based outer coating.

Following the protocols of the temple, the restaurant serves 100% vegetarian food. It’s menu comprises of North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine items, apart from a bevy of mocktails and desserts.

Last year, four of us visited this outlet to celebrate one of our Sindharas i.e. a day of pampering of the family women.

We ordered –

Sparkling Green (Rs. 130/-) and Pina Colada (Rs. 150/-): The mocktails were expectantly nice and refreshing.

Sparkling Green
Pina Colada

Tomato Soup (Rs. 160/-): Made of readymade tomato puree, the soup tasted average. The quantity served was more than enough for one person.

Tomato Soup

Chilly Potato Dry (Rs. 215/-): Accompanied with cucumber ringlets and green chutney, the dish comprised of bite sized tandoor cooked and a tad bit too dry potatoes. They tasted average.

Chilly Potato Dry

Govinda’s Special Dal Tadka (Rs. 245/-) and Dal Makhani (Rs. 215/-): Both the lentils were served in good quantity and tasted fantastic.

Govinda’s Special Dal Tadka
Dal Makhani

Matar Paneer (Rs. 290/-), Palak Paneer (Rs. 265/-) and Paneer Kolhapuri (Rs. 275/-): Govinda’s has a good collection of paneer based sabjis and you can opt for any three of them to be served together as a single dish. It gives you a taste of more varieties in a limited quantity and lesser price.

Whenever we visit Govinda’s, we try a never before tried combo and always the result is good.

Palak Paneer, Matar Paneer and Paneer Kolhapuri
Lunch Plate

Butter Naan (Rs. 90/-), Missi Ginger Roti (Rs. 85/-) and Masala Kulcha (Rs. 95/-): All the breads were nice and quite filling.

Butter Naan and Masala Kulcha
Missi Ginger Roti

Tutti Frutti: Though this dessert seems absent in the current menu, we loved the one served to us. It was beautiful to look at, sufficient in quantity and good in taste.

Tutti Frutti

Our entire meal was prepared sans any onion or garlic and still it tasted quite good.

All in all, we enjoyed our ladies lunch in peace and also packed some sweets from their sweet shop, on our way out. We are quite fond of their Balu Shahi.

Note: My food journey has enabled me to taste an assortment of food items belonging to varied cuisines, most of which I have shared through my blog and social media posts. Still, I am left with a good collection of food pics that I never got time to share.

I am sharing them now. This is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry.

The aforementioned dining took place more than a year back. It was not a tasting session. We paid for it.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.

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