Awadhi-Mughlai Vegetarian Dinner @ Oudh 1590, Tollygunge Club, Kolkata ☺

Based in Kolkata and famous for it’s kebabs, biryani and overall awadhi and mughlai cuisines, Oudh 1590 is India’s first chain of ‘period dining restaurants where customers can experience the traditional Nawabi culture of Awadh or Oudh through authentic Awadhi food, costume, music and ambience recreated tastefully.’

Out of it’s multiple outlets in Kolkata, I happened to visit the cosy and dim lit one located in the premises of The Tollygunge Club, which caters exclusively to the club members and their accompanying guests.

After cruising carefully through their hardcore non-vegetarian menu, we finally ordered the  following vegetarian items –

– Corn Seekh Kabab (Rs. 200/-): They were soft cylindrical kebabs made of finely chopped corn, tomato, capsicum, onion and coriander leaves, marinated and grilled on seekh or skewers.

They tasted good.

Corn Seekh Kabab

– Lasuni Palak (Rs. 200/-): It was kind of a garlic flavored spinach paste with ghee tempering and cream garnishing.

The flavor of garlic herein was quite good. It was almost intoxicating.

Lasuni Palak

– Paneer Qorma (Rs. 180/-): It was a rich and spicy preparation of cottage cheese cooked in yoghurt based gravy with flavours of coriander and garam masala and garnished with grated cheese.

It was quite filling and paired well with Butter Naan and Roomali Roti.

Paneer Qorma

– Roomali Roti (Rs. 30/-): They were soft, thin and uniformly cooked.

They tasted good.

Roomali Roti

– Butter Naan (Rs. 70/-): They were old styled, slightly crisp and jumbo sized tandoor cooked breads, smeared with a generous serving of butter.

They tasted good as well.

Butter Naan

– Anaras Raita (Rs. 110/-): It was basically sieved curd infused with small diced pieces of tinned pineapple and seasonings.

Anaras Raita

– Shahi Tukra (Rs. 110/-): It was a kind of Indian bread and milk pudding infused with dry fruits and flavored with saffron.

It was a tad bit too dry and sweet for our taste.

Shahi Tukra

– Condiments: Mixed Pickle and curd based Green Chutney were served as condiments. They tasted nice.


Note: My food journey has enabled me to taste an assortment of food items belonging to varied cuisines, most of which I have shared through my blog and social media posts. Still, I am left with a good collection of food pics that I never got time to share.

I am sharing them now. This is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry.

The aforementioned dining took place more than a year back. It was not a tasting session. We paid for it.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.

Kindly follow the blog for all food updates.

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