Cosy Chef’s Table @ Club Fenicia, Sec V, Salt Lake 🙂

Beginning of Oct 2020, Club Fenicia – the biggest luxury lounge of Asia invited me for a tour of their place and tasting & review session of an intricately curated Chef’s Table by their executive chef Prantush Rai and head mixologist Zafar Mukhtar.

Located on the 10th floor of Godrej Waterside, the swank new highrise in Sector V of Salt Lake area, Club Fenicia encompasses a total area of around 30,000 square feet and is intelligently divided into 5 zones.

The reception area straight away leads to the first zone i.e. the main lounge area with an open bar, round high tables and high chairs, with an area separated for family seatings, wherein the seating clusters are wide and of usual height.

The main lounge area is lined with private cabanas i.e. the second zone. One such cabana is the celebrity cabana!

Once you enter the main lounge area, if you proceed towards left, you will come across the third zone i.e. the private members area and the fourth zone i.e. the banquet respectively. While, if you proceed towards the right, you will reach the fifth zone i.e. the open terrace seating area with few beautiful air-conditioned glass domes, a separate bar and a fantastic city view.

The Chef’s Table was organized at the private members area called Lords, which was decorated with plush leather upholstered sofas, multiple comfortable cushions, wide coffee tables, cupboards lined with cigars and the likes. It had a distinct regal feel.

The food serving was intelligently divided into 4 courses, wherein each course comprised of a food item by the aforesaid executive chef and a unique mocktail prepared by the head mixologist.

The 4 courses comprised of the following food items –

… 1st Course …

– Tangy Red Floral: Presented in a wude glass goblet with a cylinder of crushed ice in between, mounted by a thin slice of beetroot and hibiscus reductions, the actual mocktail comprised of brewed Egyptian hibiscus with vanilla pods and brown sugar with cold press apple juice and beetroot juice.

Both the presentation and taste was fantastic. Beetroot taste was prominent amongst all.

Tangy Red Floral

– Charcoal black & white dumpling, edible gold flakes, Philly truffle oil version – 2: With each black and jelly look-alike dumpling presented on an individual sturdy metallic spoon, streaked with some gold flakes on top, the view in itself was mysterious and once you popped it in your mouth at one go, as adviced by the chef, the whole burst of flavours, primarily of philadelphia cheese and oriental sauces atop which the dumplings sat on the spoons, was just mesmerizing.

I have had charcoal based starters and beverage in the last couple of years, but I never came across such neat adaptation of the same. Even the dumplings’ sheath was a mixture of different starches!

You need to eat this appetizer to believe it!

Charcoal black & white dumpling, edible gold flakes, Philly truffle oil version – 2

… 2nd Course …

– Yellow Jar Lemonade: A short wide rimmed glass containing cold pressed fresh orange juice, topped with lemonade came covered with a glass ball containing in-house made saffron reduction, which was immediately emptied into the glass on the eating table.

It was an unusual burst of two of my favourite flavors, which seemed good to me.

Yellow Jar Lemonade

– Enoki and imitation tuna roll, fiery mayo: Four neatly wrapped vegetarian sushis were served with small servings of wasabi, gari, orange slices and small bowls of soy sauce.

The sushis were stuffed with crispy enoki and spicy mayo, wrapped with poached peppers and topped with a dollop of Japanese mayo and a couple of vegetarian adaptations of caviars.

It was a totally new adaptation of sushi for me and I loved it.

Enoki and imitation tuna roll, fiery mayo
Enoki and imitation tuna roll, fiery mayo
Enoki and imitation tuna roll, fiery mayo

… 3rd Course …

– Chamomile Mamajuana: A wide rimmed, short and kind of kalash shaped glass came filled with a concoction of chamomile tea reduction, vanilla hibiscus reduction, in-house made mamajuana and cranberry juice. It was topped with ice cubes and thin dehydrated slices of dragon fruit.

The beverage was interesting and tasted nice.

Chamomile Mamajuana

– Gardenia Pizza: Topped with primarily small broccoli florets, pine nuts and cheese, it was a usual big sized thin crust pizza.

It was a tad bit oily and tasted average.

Gardenia Pizza

… 4th Course …

– Orange Cinnamon Fizz: A champagne glasd came filled with cold pressed fresh orange juice, infused with in-house made marmalade, topped with ginger ale and presented with a burning cinnamon stick for rustic flavor.

It tasted nice.

Orange Cinnamon Fizz

– Purani Delhi ki dahi kebab: It was an impromptu creation by the executive chef, wherein he presented me a portion of their dahi kebab, not with the usual toppings, but with some mint chutney and in-house green apple chutney, which was basically finely chopped green apple cooked in honey.

This topping was quite unusual and very tasty. It well complimented the uniformly cooked crisp and soft kebab.

Purani Delhi ki dahi kebab

It needs to be mentioned that, for it’s beverages, Club Fenicia uses only fresh cold pressed juices and no preservatives laden packed juices or artificial sweeteners.

All in all, I had a wonderful Chef’s Table at Club Fenicia and I look forward to experience dining in their other zones, specially the air conditioned glass domes and the celebrity cabana.

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 2,000/-

Timing: 12:00 noon – 12:00 midnight (All days)

Godrej Waterside, Tower- I, 10th Floor, DP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091.

Phone: +91 8582977588, +91 7980191955

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