King Size Food Hamper @ Jen’s Kitchen, Downtown Mall, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata πŸ™‚

The thought child of Jennifer Melckior, executed by her husband Rakesh Ranjan, Jen’s Kitchen provides take-away and delivery of home-style Indian and Oriental comfort food, made from farm-fresh ingredients and packed with love and hygiene in well branded, 100% eco-friendly paper food boxes which are not only recyclable but also keeps the food warm for a considerable amount of time.

Food Hamper From Jen’s Kitchen

It provides food delivery within 5 km of Downtown Mall in New Town, Rajarhat. It’s wares can also be ordered via Zomato, Swiggy, Swiggy Genie and Uber Connect.

Sometime back the husband-wife duo sent me a neatly packed king size food hamper for tasting & review.

Inside the hamper, each food box was neatly labelled with it’s name, packing date and time and the instruction to consume it within 4 hours of it’s despatch. The adhesive tape on each food box was marked with the words ‘with love’.

The food boxes primarily contained 1 dessert and 3 different preparations of rice and their accompanying vegetables/sabjis from 3 different cuisines, namely – Indian, Oriental and Mexican.

Food Hamper From Jen’s Kitchen

– Indian –

– Immunity Booster Protein Dal: It was the usual Kali Daal, albeit with much less oil and almost no butter. It was average in taste.

– Paneer Butter Masala: It was a spicy preparation of big cottage cheese chunks in gravy. It tasted nice.

– Veg Tehari With Raita: Infused with long slices of carrot, beans and zucchini, the rice preparation was mildly spicy, aromatic and tasted good. Raita was basically a concoction of curd and seasonings. It also tasted nice.

Immunity Booster Protein Dal, Paneer Butter Masala, Veg Tehari and Papad (from home)

– Oriental –

– Khao Phad Thai Fried Rice With Oriental Gravy: Moderately infused with finely chopped veggies and relatively less seasonings, the rice preparation was good. Being not really accustomed to it’s taste, we did not use the Oriental Gravy.

– Chilli Paneer: Dunked in enough soya sauce concoction, the dish comprised of paneer aka cottage cheese chunks, onions and colored bell peppers. It tasted good.

Back: Khao Phad Thai Fried Rice, Chilli Paneer and Oriental Gravy
Front: Veg Gumbo
Clockwise from top: Chilli Paneer, Khao Phad Thai Fried Rice, Dates Pancake and Veg Gumbo

– Mexican –

– Veg Gumbo: A gumbo is basically a stew or thick soup infused with meat, greens and veggies. But this Mexican style vegetarian Gumbo was made up of chopped carrot, peas, broccoli, colored bell peppers in a spicy and mildly sweet red gravy and steamed rice. The dish tasted good.

Veg Gumbo

– Dessert –

– Dates Pancake: It comprised of 4 fried square pieces of ravioli styled thin flour sheets filled with mashed dates. The dessert tasted excellent.

Dates Pancake

The portion of each of the above mentioned dish was good enough for 2 people. In totality, the entire hamper was sufficient for 4-5 people.

Veg Tehari, Chilli Paneer and Oriental Gravy

All in all, it was a wonderful home styled meal presented in corporate style branding and packaging with due consideration for the environment.

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 350/-

Timing: 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm (All days)

Phone: +91 75960 03945


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