2 Big Potlis of Biryani Platters Received From Biryani Bahaar by Aaheli Xpress, Kolkata πŸ™‚

Our Sunday lunch was quite sumptuous and tasty, thanks to the 2 wonderful biryani platters sent by Biryani Bahaar a cloud kitchen unit by Aaheli Express, the quick food service brand from Peerless Hotels.

The packaging was quite detailed and rustic, complete with all the required instructions and tagging. Each item was carefully packed and sealed in lidded earthenware, placed together atop a silver cake board and finally packed in a good quality and branded jute canvas potli.

Biryani Platters From Biryani Bahaar

Each platter comprised of a sealed biryani handi, an accompanying gravy or vegetable dish, 4 pieces of kebabs with green chutney, some sirka piyaz aka vinegar dipped onions, a bowl of raita (not in vegan) and 2 bowls of dessert.

Biryani Platter From Biryani Bahaar

Each platter in itself was a 3 course meal for 2 people. The idea was to start with the kebabs as the appetizers, follow it up with biryani and accompaniments as the main course and end on a sweet note with the desserts.

Biryani Bahaar menu lists a total of 5 biryanis, out of which 1 is vegan, 1 is vegetarian and 3 are non-vegetarian. Being a vegetarian food blogger, naturally I received the first two options for tasting & review.

Biryani Bahaar Menu

I received the following biryani platters –

– Vegan Dum Biryani, Atrangi Kebab, Soya Korma, Sirka Piyaz, Green Chutney and Mango Jalebi

Vegan Biryani Platter

Skewered on toothpicks, the kebabs comprised of equal sized pieces of mushroom, broccoli, zucchini etc. They were nice and healthy.

The biryani had a nice aroma of spices and was infused with the same vegetables as mentioned above plus onions. The biryani a tad bit oily for vegan adaptation.

The soya nuggets infused cashew gravy was excellent in taste. Being a vegetarian, I strongly missed the presence of a small lachcha or warqi paratha to pair with it.

You have to understand, that one may adapt meat centric biryanis into vegan or vegetarian options, but in the absence of meat chunks, the quorum best gets completed with a well made paratha to balance the assortment of spices and veggies.

Mango Jalebis were an examplary fusion dessert and tasted quite nice.

– Angoori Rosogolla Biryani, Hara Bhara Kebab, Aloo Chaap, Burani Raita, Sirka Piyaz and Dahi Ki Chutney and Phirni

Vegetarian Biryani Platter

Herein, the biryani was infused with non sweetened and halved rosogollas or you can say cottage cheese balls, which added greatly to the texture and taste of the dish.

The accompanying semi dry and spicy whole potatoes were a pure killer in both look and taste.

Herein, again I missed the presence of a festive Parantha.

The raita was expectantly nice. The curd based chutney was a revelation. It tasted quite good.

I refrigerated the phirnis before consumption. They tasted average.

Sirka Piyaz and Green Chutney in both theΒ  biryani platters were good.

To suit the vegetarian palate, it would be nice if the biryani quantity is reduced by 1/3 and a couple of small lachcha/warqi parathas and papads are added to the platter.

All in all, both the biryani platters were quite good in presentation, portion and taste.

Vegan Biryani Platter On A Plate
Vegetarian Biryani Platter On A Plate

Call the numbers given below to order your biryani platter. In fact I am planning to send some as festival gifts!

Pricing of Veg/Vegan Biryani: Rs. 799/- Per Biryani

Delivery Timing: 12:30 pm – 3 pm and 8:00pm -10:30pm (All days)

Phone: +91 9831102101 / 9831780410 / 9748295508

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