When We Meet For Work And Not For Dining And Still End Up Purchasing Enough Food šŸ™‚

At times it’s not really about food, but about a well lit, hygienic and quality service place where you can sit with ease and discuss work with your associates over a good cup of coffee. Of course, as per the length of your conversation, you need to keep the tab running. We always do.

Our couple of years old visit to Q33, the ground floor based cafe at Quest Mall in Kolkata, was to facilitate one such work meet.

Q33 is a 42 seater open cafe, that you will find on the extreme left end upon entering from the main entrance door of the mall. Sans any walls, it’s built in a stylish circular pattern with seating clusters of 2 and 4, a serving counter in the centre and a dessert counter on the right.

The interior design is chic, comprising of comfortable beige leather chairs and couches. The legs of the chairs are made of thin metallic pipes. The sofa backs are well padded and upholstered in blue and beige. The flooring is of white marble with black pattern. The ceiling’s inner perimeter is wooden with flash lights. Artificial green climbers and palm tree type placements brighten the place.

The entire enclosure appears brightly lit and relatively spacious.

We started our conversation with The Cappuccino De Fungi, an assortment of mushrooms blended into a rich creamy soup and a steaming cup of Cappuccino With Hazelnut Flavor.

The soup came accompanied with thin and crunchy toasties. Both the beverages were good conversation starters and tasted fantastic.

The Cappuccino De Fungi
Cappuccino With Hazelnut Flavor

Once we settled in our conversation and could safely assume that it would catch a productive direction, we ordered their The Mediterranean Goodness Platter. It comprised of – hummus, muhammara, cream cheese and assorted breads.

The breads were freshly baked. Overall, the platter was nice and easy to nibble while talking.

The Mediterranean Goodness Platter

We took enough time to finish this platter and felt quite drained and thirsty due to incessant talking.

So, to quench our thirst and to end the serious conversation with some friendly chit-chat, we ordered 2 tall glasses of cold coffees named Caramellato and Iced Choco Mint. Both the cold coffees tasted excellent. The pairing of mint with coffee was a revelation.

Caramellato & Iced Choco Mint

Before leaving, we parcelled some of our favourite desserts i.e. their Eclairs, Blueberry Cheesecake and Raspberry Tart, for the family.

Eclairs, a French dessert delicacy, is an elongated pastry made with choux dough (light pastry dough), filled with cream and topped with chocolate icing.

Q33 serves two version of Eclairs. The original Chocolate Eclair, and the evolved Caramel Eclair.

All the desserts were fresh and tasted good. In fact, I have always found their Blueberry Cheesecake as one of the best in the city.

Chocolate Eclair & Caramel Eclair
Blueberry Cheesecake & Raspberry Tart

Finally, we left on a happy note.

Note: The aforementioned dining and parcelling of food took place more than a couple of years back.

This post is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry during the ongoing trying times of the pandemic.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.


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