We Broke The Lockdown Spell @ Motor Works & Brewing Company, Sec V – Salt Lake 🙂

Around a fortnight back, we broke the lockdown spell of home confinement, by wining & dining with family at Motor Works & Brewing Company, the upbeat and spacious diner with full fledged bar and hookah service.

To maintain the social distancing with other hookah consumers, we chose to be seated on the empty mezzanine floor and the staff present was courteous enough to allow the same.

The menfolk quenched their months long alcohol thirst by guzzling assorted freshly brewed craft beers and vodka, while my tribe (of women) was pampered by the in-house mixologist with impromptu mocktail concoctions comprising of the following juices – cranberry, pineapple, orange and a host of herbs and seasonings.

Vodka With Tonic Water

All the mocktails tasted good and were distinctly different in taste.


A complimentary platter of the following 3 craft beer shots was served before taking the actual order – Bootleggers favourite (German weiss) Lite Auto (Radler) and Covid Shield Ginger.

Complimentary Craft Beer Shots

I personally did not taste any alcohol, but the menfolk seemed to have enjoyed them all, as there were repeat orders.

Half Litre Mug Of Craft Beer

Our food orders comprised of one or more servings of the following items –

Dadar Ki Paneer Bhurji With Bun Maska: It comprised of 2 sliced, toasted and buttered burger buns and a small wok full of well cooked paneer bhurji.

It was a comfort meal and tasted nice.

Dadar Ki Paneer Bhurji With Bun Maska

Surati Dabeli: 3 spicy dabelis were served with a small bowl of green chutney, some french fries and salad.

The dabelis were quite average and definitely need improvement. Rather, the french fries were well cooked, crispy and tasty.

Surati Dabeli

Nawabi Kababi Plank: It was a lavish vegetarian kabab platter of 4 portions of 4 types of kababs, namely – Paneer Sheekh Kabab, Molten Aloo Kabab, Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Soya Chaap, alongwith two dips/chutneys.

All the kebabs tasted quite good and filling.

Nawabi Kababi Plank
Kababs Served On A Plate

We also ordered a Paan flavored Hookah. I did not use it, but others seemed fine with it.

Paan Flavored Hookah

The staff were courteous and the hospitality was top notch.

All in all, it was a nice family meal, in a swank diner after almost 7 months!

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 1,200/- (without alcohol)

Timing: 12:30 am – 12:00 midnight (Mon – Sun)

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