When I went for a 5 Star Dinner Buffet and got hooked to it’s Salad Section! 🙂

I was required to meet a group of visiting friends for late night dinner and we opted to go for dinner buffet at Waterside Cafe at Hyatt Regency (Kolkata), as we like to frequent that place ever since it’s inception, for it’s relaxed good vibes and hospitality.

Luckily the then vegetarian serving of soup was Mushroom Soup, one of my personal favourites and the salad counter was filled with mediterranean wares, whose vegetarian options I simply love.

Mushroom Soup

Instantly enough I filled my plate with the following items –

Pita Bread, Cucumber Pickle, Chickpea Salad, Tomato Olive Feta, Hummus, Babaghanoush, Carrot Taratir, Lettuce & Bell Peppers Salad and Zucchini Salad.

Mediterranean Wares From The Salad Section

Pleased as a punch after my soup and the so called salad, which tasted quite good, I opted for Paneer Roll, Noodles and Masala Kulcha from the live counter, which was on the verge of closing and paired the latter two with an Oriental Cottage Cheese preparation in soya sauce.

I barely tasted these items and shared them with others. They tasted nice.

Paneer Roll
Masala Kulcha

I totally gave a miss to the Indian cuisine section and main course on a whole, as all the items therein looked a tad bit too oily and I didn’t want to kill my good taste obtained from my first two courses of the meal.

For the dessert, there were enough choices, both desi and videsi, but I settled for a cool slice of Blueberry Pudding, which tasted quite good.

Oriental Dishes And Blueberry Pudding

Note: My food journey has enabled me to taste an assortment of food items belonging to varied cuisines, most of which I have shared through my blog and social media posts. Still, I am left with a good collection of food pics that I never got time to share.

I am sharing them now. This is to support the hotels & restaurants industry, or let’s just say, the food industry.

The aforementioned dining took place a couple of years back.

Please venture out with full precaution and safety measures.

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