Meal Fit For The Kings @ Indie Yum by Ambuja Neotia, Kolkata πŸ™‚

Joining the trend of cloud kitchens and home delivery services, Ambuja Neotia – the pioneer in hospitality services in Kolkata has introduced Indie Yum, the 100% vegetarian cloud kitchen with an extensive menu encompassing most of the popular Indian regional dishes and Continental (primarily Italian) dishes.

No wonder the food platter that they sent me for tasting & review was good enough for a King’s table!

Platter Received From Indie Yum

Packed in an array of secured lidded and labelled containers, they sent me – 1 Soup, 3 Appetizers, 4 Staples and 4 Main Course dishes along with the accompanying Raita, Dip, Chutney and Salad.

The total items that adorned my dining table were –

– Soup –

– Mushroom Cream: Their signature dish was a concoction of Italian porcini mushroom and button mushroom.

It was a filling and feel-good soup. A must-try dish, specially during the ongoing winters

– Appetizers –

– Veg & Cheese Cigars: It comprised of chargrilled veg & cheese rolled with rice sheet wrapper, also known as cigari borek that originated in Eastern Europe and western Asia.

It came with the instruction to be paired with the accompanying Spicy Tomato Dip.

The dish tasted yum. But it’s best to consume it immediately upon arrival.

– Dahi Ke Kabab: Made of hung curd, paneer, corn flour, onion, garlic and a mΓ©lange of spices, the kebabs though had a crispy texture, they were soft from inside.

They came with the instruction to be served with the accompanying Burnt Mango Chutney.

The combo tasted good.

– Batata Harra: It was a sauce rich and spicy Lebanese dish made up baby potatoes, coriander, garlic and chilli. It came with Pita bread.

The dish was new and tasted excellent.

Soup & Appetizers

– Main Course –

– Classic Tetrazzini: More or less an adaptation of Veg Florentine, the dish comprised of assorted vegetables baked in white sauce.

The dish is supposed to have been originated in San Francisco, named after a famous opera singer of the early 1900sβ€”Luisa Tetrazzini!

It tasted excellent.

– Achari Methi Paneer: It was a dhaba-style cottage cheese preparation. It comprised of creamy paneer cooked with kasoori methi and pickle.

The sabji was extra spicy but good.

– Lapatva Kala Chana Masala: It was  UP-Bihar style spicy preparation of black chana.

It tasted nice.

– Veg Jhal Farezi: ‘Jalfrezi’ is the term in Anglo Indian cookery means stir-fried vegetables cooked over a high heat with pepper and onion.

But this was the Indianized version comprising of mixed vegetables in a spicy and a tad bit oily gravy.

It tasted nice.

Salad & Main Course

– Staples –

– Dal Makhni: It was the creamy and buttery whole urad dal preparation, simmered in long stretch of time over low heat. It’s an ultra popular pulses dish that originated in western Punjab.

It tasted good.

– Subz Biryani: It comprised of aromatice rice Dum Biryani with mixed vegetables.

It tasted quite good.

– Kabuli Pulao: Made of basmati long grain rice, chickpea, dry fruits and dum cooked, the Pulao is an Afganistan based delicacy.

It was flavorful and tasted good.

– Onion Chilli Cheese Kulcha: It comprised of green chilli & cheese stuffed tandoori breads.

The breads tasted quite good.


– Accompaniments –

– Ghar Ka Raita, Lachcha Onion, Burnt Mango Chutney and Spicy Tomato Dip: Everything was super fresh and tasted yum.

All in all it was a wonderful meal curated with a lot of precision.

My Food Plate Of Appetizers And Tetrazzini

Indie Yum’s menu is a wonderful selection of Indian and western appetizers, soup, pizzas, pastas, risottos, tetrazzini, hot pots, Indian main courses, combo meals and desserts.

The price range is quite competitive.

You can order through Swiggy within 8 km around Salt Lake area. Beyond that, you can use Swiggy Genie service.

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 400/-

Delivery Timing: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Phone: +91 98364 34717

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