Annakut Bhog – The Prasad Of 56 Food Items 🙂

The festival of Annakut (meaning a heap of grain) Puja, popularly known as Govardhan Puja, is celebrated on the 4th day of Deepawli, the 5 day Hindu festival of lights.

For the Annakut festival, a meal using 56 different kinds of grains and vegetables are used to prepare the prasad known as Chappan Bhog.

In our kind of households, though we perform the Govardhan Puja on the scheduled aforementioned 4th day i.e. day after Badi Deepawli and offer the pre-defined prasad to all present, we prepare and offer the mega Annakut prasad on an upcoming suitable date, preferably within a month, when it is feasible for the entire family to get together.

Our current year’s Annakut Prasad comprised of the following items –

  • Starter –
    Pakodis made of potato, cucumber, brinjal, moong dal, cauliflower and spinach served with Coriander Chutney
Assorted Pakodis & Papads
  • Sabji –
    Panchmela Sabji and Aloo Dum
Sabjis & Halwas
  • Roti –
    Plain Parantha, Dal Ka Parantha, Bajre Ki Roti and Missi Roti
Assorted Rotis
  • Rice –
    Steamed Rice, Tamarind Rice, Peas Pulao and Sweet Saffron Rice
Assorted Rice Preparations
  • Papad –
    Fried Papad, Fried Aloo Papad and Khichiya Papad
  • Homemade Dessert –
    Kheer, Gajar Ka Halwa, Badam Ka Halwa, Atta-Gond Ke Laddoo and Peda
Atta-Gond Ke Laddoo, Peda and Fried Sangri
  • Purchased Dessert –
    Chamcham, Kheer Kadam, Soan Papdi and Nolen Gurer Kachagolla
Kheer & Purchased Desserts
  • Other Accompaniments –
    Fried Ker-Sangri, Assorted Fruits & Dry Fruits and Aerated Beverages
Assorted Fruits

It was a sumptuous Bhog that was relished by everyone.

Annakut Bhog
A Glimpse Of Our Pooja Ghar Where The Bhog Was Offered

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