10 Items Fixed Meal Menu @ Asia Kitchen by Mainland China, Acropolis Mall, Kolkata 😊

Not much attuned to what to order and what not to order in a particular restaurant, after the re-opening of the restaurants post the second wave of covid, I heaved a sigh of relief when I spotted an additional fixed meal menu, during my recent visit to Asia Kitchen by Mainland China, the Asian cuisine restaurant located on the fourth floor of Acropolis Mall in Kolkata.

The fixed meal menu entitled you to taste a total of 10 items. I found it well curated with enough vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Also, the starters and mains gave you the liberty to choose between a couple of options.

The Fixed Meal Menu

Impressed by the aforementioned menu, both my co-diner and myself ordered the same.

Finally, my 10 item vegetarian meal comprised of –

– Soups –

– Veg Eight Treasure Soup: It was a sweet corn style soup, but infused with more chopped vegetables. It tasted quite good.

Two small bowls of boiled peanuts and a chives concoction were served alongside. They also tasted good.

Veg Eight Treasure Soup With Accompaniments

– Dimsums –

– Veg Siu Mai: Three portions of potli style dimsums were served. The outer sheath was quite thin and uniform, as you will find in all Mainland China outlets. The dish tasted expectantly good.

Veg Siu Mai, Crackling Spinach and Accompaniments

– Appetizers –

– Corn Chilli Pepper: Served in a small bowl, the dish comprised of coated and fried corn seeds, mixed with finely chopped colored bell peppers and seasonings. The dish tasted nice.

Corn Chilli Pepper

– Crackling Spinach: Served in a small bowl with a spoon styled half handle, the dish comprised of finely chopped and roasted spinach, garnished with sesame seeds.

It was a new and interesting dish for me. It tasted good.

– Mains –

– Stir Fried Asian Greens And Tofu: It was more of a salad comprising of assorted greens, carrot, tofu and a generous pour of dressing. It tasted nice.

– Water Chestnuts, Corn And Potatoes With Smoked Chilli Sauce: It was a cornstarch rich semi dry preparation of aforementioned vegetables. It tasted nice.

Mains, Rice & Noodles

– Rice & Noodles –

– Lemongrass Fried Rice: It was the usual fried rice with lemongrass flavour. It was slightly spicy but tasted nice.

In fact I also got to taste my co-diner’s selection of Burnt Garlic Noodles With Vegetables which tasted better.

Mains, Rice & Noodles

– Desserts –

– Crispy Honey Noodles: It was the usual Darsaan dessert comprising of fried noodles tossed in honey and served with the below mentioned Vanilla Ice Cream. It tasted average.

– Vanilla Ice Cream: One scoop was served. It tasted the usual.

– Caramel Sponge Cake: The two-layered cake slice was small but quite tasty.

Dessert Plate

To be honest, the entire meal is a bit too much to consume at one go. You tend to feel no-more-hungry by the time you finish the soup and appetizers. Somewhere between the main course, you feel absolutely full with no scope of any more food.

The same happened with us and thus we requested them to parcel the dessert selection and they obliged. As per their policy, they did not parcel the ice cream, which my co-diner somehow managed to gulp on the table. Personally, not being an ice cream enthusiast, I opted to leave mine with the restaurant.

The fixed meal menu also gives you the option to order mocktails and beverages at an additional fixed price. We opted for Coca-Cola cans to pair with our main course. Maybe for that reason, we felt filled halfway through it!

We paired our main course with Coca Cola cans.

All in all, we liked the lunch and loved the designer ceramic crockery. The pics are not doing full justice to them.

The staff was courteous and efficient. The open kitchen view was a sturdy proof of good hygiene norms being followed in the food preparation.

Price of Fixed Lunch: Rs. 625/- ++
Price of Aerated Beverage (optional): Rs. 49/- ++

With my co-diner Jhumki Bannerjee, Managing Trustee of Notun Jibon

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