Kebabs, Sizzler & Dal-Roti @ Traffic Gastropub, City Centre 2, Kolkata 😊

Liking the eclectic, colorful and upscale decor that I came across in the newspaper articles and social media postings of Traffic Gastropub, the 4 years old swank gastropub located on the second floor of City Centre 2 mall, I decided to check it out for my annual ritual of visiting a new eatery during Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF), that was held from 26 Feb to 31 Mar this year.

I visited the gastropub with one of my foodie associates. We found the place rather small and music a tad bit loud. But food, hospitality and vibes were bang on, so it was OK.

Upon hearing of our arrival, the then chef of the unit, Chef Sourav Ghosh came out to meet us and ensured delivery of good food on our table and even sent us a complimentary dessert towards the end of our meal.

Chef Sourav Ghosh Holding The Dessert

We ordered for –

– 2 Pina Colada (Rs. 200/- each): The pineapple juice and coconut milk based mocktails was expectantly good and refreshing.

They were infused with floating chia seeds and served frothy.

– Fresh Lime Soda (Rs. 150/-): It was the usual lemonade. It tasted nice.

Pina Colada
Fresh Lime Soda

– Tandoor Platter (Rs. 599/-): Containing the 4 most popular tandoor based vegetarian kebabs i.e. Paneer Tikka, Shaloo Ki Aloo, Hara Bhara Kebab and Tandoori Mushroom, the platter was served with some onion ringlets and green chutney.

It looked tempting and tasted good and spicy.

Tandoor Platter
Tandoor Platter Served On My Plate

– Fiery Cottage Cheese Sizzler (Rs. 375/-): Thr sizzler plate was lined with curvaceous cabbage leaves and big cottage cheese chunks grilled with in-house made spicy sauce were served atop a bed of almost bland noodles.

The sauce was dense, flavorsome and well prepared. The cottage cheese chunks were slightly juicy. The dish tasted good.

Fiery Cottage Cheese Sizzler

– Yellow Dal Fry (Rs. 220/-) and Garlic Naan (Rs. 65/-): For some reason, unless there is some kind of bread or rice on the table, our lunches and dinners are incomplete.

So, just to fill the quorum and for our love of garlic flavoured dal and naans served by the restaurants, we ordered the aforementioned items.

The Dal was the usual traditional yellow dal tadka and the Naan was all over infused with minced garlic. The combo tasted fabulous.

Yellow Dal Fry and Garlic Naan

– The Complimentary Dessert: Served in a wide rimmed dish with some depth, our complimentary dessert was an eye catching fusion created by the Chef.

It was – a muffin coated on the surface with pastry cream and cream cheese, topped with a cherry and placed amidst a pool of rabri garnished with nuts.

Also, there was beautiful plate decor done with chocolate sauce and broken Gems on one side of the dish.

The dish was a nice fusion of desi-videsi sweets. It looked cute and tasted quite good.

The Complimentary Dessert

The crowd was mostly young. The serving staff was friendly and courteous.

Since, our table was booked under GIRF, we also got 50% discount on our food bill.

All in all, it was a good and filling meal, that we availed at quite an economic pricing!


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