Our Gang Of Girls Visited Loafer’s Cafe At Raajkutir In Kolkata 🙂

A couple of months back, to brainstorm over our upcoming projects, four of us from the West Bengal Hotels & Restaurants Council of WICCI visited the cosy and quite different from others – Loafer’s Cafe, situated in the premises of Raajkutir, the boutique hotel with the aura of an ‘inspired period piece’.

Roaring Alongside The Lion With Raajkutir In The Background !!
At The Entrance of Loafer’s Cafe

The ambience at the cafe with both indoor & outdoor seating and young & courteous staff was refreshing. We chose to sit indoors.

Our Indoor Seating

We placed an order for their Victorian High Tea (Rs. 709/-) which gave us the option to choose a pot of any 1 beverage, 2 savouries and 2 desserts.

We opted for –

– Chamomile Tea: A steaming teapot of chamomile tea was served along with 4 cookies, assorted sweeteners, some honey and few slices of lime.

The tea tasted expectantly bland but the entire setup with transparent glass tea set and it’s accompaniments looked rather nice and beautiful.

Chamomile Tea

– Multi-grain Cucumber Cheese Tomato Sandwich: 2 portions of this slightly grilled sandwich were served with a small bowl of french fries.

They tasted quite good and filling.

Multi-grain Cucumber Cheese Tomato Sandwich

– Croissant Filled Egg Iceberg Mayo Salad Sandwich: These croissant shaped sandwiches were also served with a small bowl of french fries.

It was for my co-diners and they loved it.

Croissant Filled Egg Iceberg Mayo Salad Sandwich

– Loafer’s Grand Truffle: The moment we got to know that it’s their signature dessert, we promptly ordered one.

What arrived on the table was a smooth surfaced, cookie shaped and ultra-soft chocolate truffle with it’s top inserted with a thin strip of white chocolate.

It was rich and fabulous.

Loafer’s Grand Truffle

– Hazelnut Truffle: The cube shaped chocolate truffle pastry was coated all over with chopped hazelnut pieces.

It was filling and tasted very good.

Hazelnut Truffle
Hazelnut Truffle & Loafer’s Grand Truffle

Since our conversation turned out to be a tad bit lengthy, later on we also called for –

– 2 Cappuccinos (Rs. 249/- each): The cappuccinos were served in transparent glass cups and saucers sets. They came with complimentary cookies.

They tasted expectantly nice and energizing.

Cappuccino With A Cookie

– Peach Iced Tea & Green Apple Iced Tea (Rs. 199/- each): They looked rather same but tasted different. Also the latter one came decorated with few thinly sliced green apple slices.

Both the iced teas tasted nice.

Peach Iced Tea & Green Apple Iced Tea

– Fresh Fruit Pastry (Rs. 109/-): The lovely looking artisanal pastry with oval shape, yellow color and a small red fondant flower placed at the centre turned out to be mango and lychee flavoured, an unusual and novel combo!

It was quite soft and tasted nice.

Please note that the attached pic is a close range shot. In reality, the pastry was relatively small.

Fresh Fruit Pastry

All in all, we loved the ambience, food and service, though the food is a tad bit pricey.

Posing Beside The Palanquin

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