Kids Play Zone + Multicuisine Restaurant @ Ping Pong Kids Playzone & Cafe 😊

Situated in the same building at Kankurgachi crossing that houses Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons jewellers, Ping Pong Kids Playzone & Cafe is the latest hygienic and injury-proof play zone hub for small children which also houses a cosy cafe providing assorted beverages, snacks and full meal.

Recently, I was invited by their management for a tasting & review session.

What impressed me upon entrance was not just the melange of colorful play areas for small kids, but the sound elements of hygiene and safety that were assured with great care.

In the entire venue, all the tables’ corners are padded. The sand in a beach kind of play area is replaced with flaxseeds, so that it doesn’t hamper the kids if they swallow it by mistake. Other similar precautions are there as well.

Beach play area filled with flaxseeds

The different play area entitle the kids to bounce, glide, freefall and even get glued to a spider web on the wall!

Freefall Zone
Bouncing Zone
Freefall Zone, Gliding Zone and Hut Zone
Get glued to the spider web!

There is centralized music, loo facility and enough lady helpers to assist the kids.

The charges are hourly. One can even purchase play time for half an hour or book the entire space for a private party.

The aforementioned play zone leads to a 20 seater restaurant, which can easily be booked for a party of 50 people.

Keeping in sync with the ongoing trend of gluten-free food, I opted to taste the following –

– Black Currant Iced Tea and Strawberry Iced Tea: Both the iced teas were good and a refreshing change from the usual peach and green apple iced teas.

In fact, the Black Currant Iced Tea was superb. It was a new flavor for me and I loved it.

Black Currant Iced Tea
Strawberry Iced Tea

– Potato Rosti: They were served as 4 crisp fried round cakes and not like a thin pancake, alongwith some tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

The dish tasted good.

Potato Rosti

– Chilli Mushroom, Veg Manchurian and Sweet & Sour Paneer with Chilli Garlic Pepper Rice: The mushroom and manchurian dishes were extra spicy and nice. But the paneer dish had balanced spices and tasted very good. The rice dish tasted the usual.

My gluten-free food plate
Veg Manchurian and Chilli Garlic Pepper Rice
Chilli Mushroom
Chilli Mushroom, Sweet & Sour Paneer and Veg Manchurian with Chilli Garlic Pepper Rice

Towards the end of the tasting session, I chance-met a couple of friends and we further ordered one of their popular snacks –

– Veg Club Sandwich: Of course, it was not gluten-free, but I did taste it and it was good and quite filling. The accompanying French Fries also tasted nice.

Veg Club Sandwich and Strawberry Iced Tea
Veg Club Sandwich

All in all, it was a lovely tasting session. The ambience was cosy and soothing. The staff was courteous.

Last but not the least, though Ping Pong houses two facilities, but they are independent of each other. In your single visit, you are free to use both of their services or opt for only one of them.

Left to right: Pabitra Mallick – Chef, Manisha Agarwal – Co-owner and Prity Poddar – Veg food blogger, author and movie/OTT series critic

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