Family Night Out @ Breath – Fine Lounge And Bar, New Delhi 😊

Breath – Fine Lounge And Bar is one of the jazzy party spots on Punjabi Bagh Club Road.

An impromptu family night out with kids was planned there. Naturally, leaving all kind of seating arrangements (read high chairs etc.), we opted for one of the secluded and partially enclosed seating area comprising of comfortable couches and upholstered chairs.

Glitz, glamour, decor and music of the place were quite good. But it was relatively empty, may be because it was a week day or perhaps their usual crowd entered post our departure, that was around 10 pm.

Well, to get the food scene going, we ordered a host of beverages and starters –

– Beverages –

– Long Island Iced Tea (Rs. 425/-): Five white spirits with lime and coke

– Guava Mary (Rs. 225/-): Guava juice, chilli, tobasco, coriander etc.

– Choco Brownie Shake (Rs. 285/-): Brownie, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream blended with frozen milk

– Sweet Lime Soda (Rs. 125/-): Soda based lemonade

Long Island Iced Tea, Guava Mary and Sweet Lime Sodas

– Starters –

– Tandoori Potato Barrels (Rs. 395/-): Barrels of scooped and stuffed tandoori potatoes, potato shavings, cottage cheese crumble, nuts and raisin

Tandoori Potato Barrels

– Breath’s Layered Nachos (Rs. 395/-):
Layered corn tortillas, Chile con quesci, refried beans, tomato salsa sour cream

– Harissa Cottage Cheese Tikka (Rs. 415/-): Tunisian Harissa marinated overnight Indian cottage cheese, roasted in clay oven

Harissa Cottage Cheese Tikka

– Main Course –

– Dal Makkhan Wali (Rs. 395/-): Long simmered creamy and buttery urad dal lentils

– Malai Kofta (Rs. 415/-): Potato and paneer fried balls in cashewnut paste infused white creamy gravy

Dal Makkhan Wali, Malai Kofta, Garlic Naan and Aloo Kulcha

– Stir Fried Greens & Burnt Garlic (Rs. 395/-): Wok tossed veggies in burn garlic sauce

– Garlic Naan (Rs. 105/-)

– Aloo Kulcha (Rs. 125/-)

– Masala Papad (Rs. 195/-): Halved and roasted papad cones filled with kachumber salad, sev and seasonings

Masala Papad

We unanimously loved Tandoori Potato Barrels the most and repeated the order as well.

We expected Stir Fried Greens & Burnt Garlic to be some kind of saag with intoxicating garlic flavour. Instead it turned out to be a runny sabji which came accompanied with rice! None of us liked it.

Food in general was good. Hospitality and service were nice as well.

Timing: 12 noon – 12 midnight


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