Sumptuous Vegetarian Meal By Archana Bhargava πŸ™‚

An integral part of my foodie girlfriends gang, Archana Bhargava is a popular name in online vegetarian food groups and a constant winner in the competitions and challenges organized therein.

Sometime back she organized a food pop-up at her place and it was expectantly lavish and good.

The food menu comprised of –

– Hot & Cold Beverages –

We were given a choice between Orange Lemon Mocktail and Blueberry Orange Mango Shake. The orange hued drinks looked quite appetizing to the eyes and tasted nice.

Blueberry Orange Mango Shake
Orange Lemon Mocktail

Later on Tamatar Ka Shorba infused with some broken and boiled noodles was served along with the below mentioned starters. The shorba was aromatic and tasted quite good.

Tamatar Ka Shorba

– Starters & Dips –

We were served a fried dish, Cheese Corn Balls and a non-fried dish, Hara Bhara Shakarkand Seekh Kebab. Both tasted very good.

Cheese Corn Balls
Hara Bhara Shakarkand Seekh Kebab

Hung Curd Dip, Green Chutney and Tomato Sauce were served as the condiments. All of them well complimented both the starters.

Dips & Chutneys

– Indian Cuisine –

A sumptuous meal comprising of – Urad Dal Ki Kachori, Chilkewale Alu Ki Chatpati Sabji, Mirch Ka Salan, Veg Dum Biryani and Mixed Veg Raita was served. It was our quintessential comfort food and devoured it with relish.

Urad Dal Ki Kachori
Chilkewale Alu Ki Chatpati Sabji
Mixed Veg Raita and Mirch Ka Salan
Veg Dum Biryani

– Chinese Cuisine –

Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles and Honey Chilli Potatoes were served. This combo is usually liked by most of us. The taste of sweet & sour and tangy sauces felt good post a spicy Indian meal.

Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles
Honey Chilli Potatoes

– Italian Cuisine –

Pasta In Pesto Sauce and Veg Lasagna were served as the Italian delicacy. While the former was prepared in a healthy manner, the latter was cheese rich, albeit both the items tasted good.

Pasta In Pesto Sauce
Veg Lasagna

– Dessert –

Infused with enough dry fruits, Pineapple Rabdi was served as the dessert. The innovative fusion was good and the ideation was appreciated by all.

Pineapple Rabdi

It was an ultra-lavish meal prepared from scratch in a home kitchen, by a single lady, along with mild help from a domestic helper and served fresh to the diners, with love and care.

No wonder it tasted so good.

Thank you Archu!! 😘


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