Vegetarian Burmese Cuisine @ Burma Burma, Kolkata πŸ™‚

Popular for it’s vegetarian and vegan Burmese & Asian dishes (both original and adaptations), speciality teas and artisanal desserts, Burma Burma – the Russell Street based fine dining restaurant and tea room is slowly and steadily becoming quite popular amongst the vegetarian diners of Kolkata, specially when many are looking for vegan and/or gluten-free options alongside.

Intrigued by Burma Burma’s online menu, three of us visited this outlet shortly after it’s Kolkata launch i.e. around a year back and opted for the following dishes –

– Samosa Soup or Samuza Hincho: It comprised of a samosa served in a tangy red hued soup with spring vegetables and spiced black chickpeas.

The Burmese style samosa dish was quite interesting. It was piping hot, a tad bit spicy and filling. It set the right mood for the entire lunch.

Samosa Soup

– Pickled Chilli Mock Meat Bun: 3 pieces of medium sized steamed buns arrived with the aforementioned filling along with 4 different dips/chutneys.

The buns were quite well cooked and tasty. I personally liked the peanut chutney the most.

Pickled Chilli Mock Meat Bun
Assorted Dips/Chutneys

– Burma Burma “Oh No Khowsuey”: How could we not order their famous Khowsuey?

We were given a choice of assorted noodles to pair with our Khowsuey. We opted for Udon noodles, which they served us in a separate bowl, as three of us equally divided our Khowsuey in three smaller empty bowls and topped them with the aforesaid noodles and 6 other toppings, as shown in the pic.

The Khowsuey was creamy and aromatic. Being their signature dish, it expectantly tasted wonderful.

Burma Burma “Oh No Khowsuey”
Accompaniments With Burma Burma “Oh No Khowsuey”

– Farmers Rice Meal: It comprised of 3 round cakes of short grain rice and mashed potatoes served with 2 separate bowls of garlic oil and charred tomato & chilli relish.

The dish looked fancy but tasted average.

Farmers Rice Meal

– Bamboo Shoot & Roselle Leaves Stir Fry: The classic Burmese dish of bamboo shoots and sour Roselle leaves was cooked with double garlic and fiery chilli paste.

We ordered it for the sole reason of trying out the aforementioned two new ingredients.

It was something new and nice for us.

Bamboo Shoot & Roselle Leaves Stir Fry

Overall, we loved Burma Burma’s food & hospitality and look forward to try out their other dishes.

The entire lunch without taxations costed us around Rs. 2,500/-.

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 1,500/-

Timing: 12:30 pm – 4 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Mon – Fri), 12 noon – 4 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Sat- Sun)

18 M, Ground Floor, Stephen Court, Park Street, Kolkata – 700071.

Phone: +91 9920240097


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