Innovative Food In Artsy Ambience @ Cafe Lota, New Delhi 🙂

“Nestled inside the National Crafts Museum plot, Cafe Lota is a quaint and artsy cafe that offers a contemporary take on regional Indian dishes.”

We visited the museum on the eve of Holi 2023 and midway through our tour, we felt quite dehydrated and rushed to Cafe Lota for some cold beverages and ordered the following –

– Fresh Watermelon Juice
– a couple of Cold Kapi
– Pineapple Kombucha

Pineapple Kombucha, Cold Kapi and Fresh Watermelon Juice
Kids enjoying their cold beverages

All the items were nice, but the cold coffee was the real deal. It came in good portion with right liquid consistency and a nice whiff of good coffee.

– Sabudana Popcorn, Hari Mirch Thecha: Well presented in a fancy black metallic stand, 10 ball shaped sabudana vadas came accompanied with true blue maharashtrian green chilli thecha.

The ambience was soothing, the gentry comprised of artistic intellectuals and the serving staff was courteous.

All of these factors made us want to stay there a bit more before continuing our leftover tour of the museum.

And we ended up ordering –

They were quite well made and filling. The thecha was also good.

Sabudana Popcorn, Hari Mirch Thecha

– Ragi Paneer Dhokla: It was like 3 layered usual besan dhokla with paneer slices stuffed in between. But herein, besan was replaced with ragi and the dhokla size was relatively big.

The serving dish came decorated with 2 types of chutneys along with an additional jar of green chutney.

The dish looked beautiful. It was quite filling and tasted nice.

Ragi Paneer Dhokla
Sabudana Popcorn with Hari Mirch Thecha and Ragi Paneer Dhokla with Chutneys

Once we settled the bill, they gifted us a cute jar of Holi Special Gujiyas.

Holi Special Gujiyas

It was a sweet gesture on their part and we were thankful for it.

In totality, the visit to Cafe Lota was a good experience.

Dualfie Time!!
At the entrance of Cafe Lota

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