Launch of Kids Menu @ Hard Rock Cafe, Park Street, Kolkata ☺

Event: Launch of Lil’ Rocker Menu

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Kolkata

Date: 19 Mar 2018

“The Cafe is located inside a 103-year-old heritage building called Park Mansion. This truly special dining venue is a multilevel, 5540 square-foot café that includes seating for 161 guests, a vibrant bar, and a live entertainment space.”

Hard Rock Cafe is a Tex-Mex kind of place where you go for an assortment of fancy liqueurs, cocktails and mocktails and enjoy big portions of popular fast food items like – burgers, nachos, fajitas, sandwiches etc.

In such an establishment, the quantity served of any dish is more than enough for a single person and it often comes laced with an assortment of tangy sauces. Thus, it’s really not feasible to treat the kids in such outlets.

However, it’s also not fair to elude the tiny tots from visiting such vast and interesting spaces.

To cater to this issue, Hard Rock Cafe recently launched a special menu for the kids. It is called Lil’ Rocker Menu. It is targeted for kids upto ten years of age.

It’s a two page disposable menu whose cover page comes taped with two color crayons. Upon your arrival, the menu is straight over handed to each kid on the table. Both of it’s inside pages are white colored and are filled with assorted puzzles and coloring tasks, all drawn in thick lined black color.

The back of the menu contains the actual menu listing, which comprises of – 3 Beverages, 1 Shake, 3 Veg Dishes, 3 Non Veg Dishes and 1 Dessert.

The vegetarian items in the menu are –

– Beverage (Rs. 100/-): Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta are the three choices available. The beverages is served in a wide rimmed glass.

-Lil’ Rocker Thick Shake or Malt (Rs. 165): It is available in two flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla. However, all around me, I could only spot the kids sipping the chocolate flavoured one.

– Cheesy Mac (Rs. 255/-): Devoid of any vegetable, twisted macaronis in creamy cheese sauce come accompanied with two elongated triangular slices of garlic bread.

– Kids Grilled Cheese (Rs. 225/-): It is the usual, sliced into two triangles Cheese Toast that comes accompanied with French Fries.

– Veggie Delight (Rs. 225/-): The Burger Buns come stuffed with a veggie patty which is topped with some molten Cheese. A portion of French Fries is also served alongside.

– Kids Hot Fudge Sundae (Rs. 230/-): It is a big scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Hot Fudge Sauce, further topped with a big swirl of cream and finally garnished with a cherry.

All the dishes are served in round white ceramic plates sans any vegetable or tangy sauce. All the menu items and their size portions are quite apt for a kid’s palette and appetite.

For my personal tasting, I opted for the following items from their usual menu –

– Mango Tango (Rs. 350/-): Concocted out of Red Bull energy drink, mango puree and orange juice, served in a tall but slightly bulbous glass and filled with enough ice cubes, it was a tasty and tangy mocktail.

It was garnished around the rim with a thick and halved slice of lemon, topped with a cherry. The top of it’s black plastic stirrer was shaped like an inverted guitar.

It was a refreshing drink. The served quantity was so much that, throughout the event, I managed to sip through it!

– Tropical Burger (Rs. 510/-): Served on a round white ceramic plate, the veggie Burger came laced with spicy mango aioli, chimichurri cream, cheddar cheese and fresh slaw. Alongside, placed in a medium sized steel glass with uneven surface and angular rim, some French Fries were served as accompaniments.

Made of fresh bread and veggies, the Burger was wholesome and tasted very nice. Presence of spicy raw mango juliennes was a nice and different touch to the whole recipe. The French Fries were well fried, uniform in color and retained the right crunch.

The Burger in itself was so filling that I could barely touch the French Fries. Thankfully, my peers around my table helped me in finishing them off and nothing was left to waste.

Apart from the usual bloggers and media people, a nice select of some eminent Kolkatans along with their kid(s), were also invited for the launch of the kids menu.

It was fun to see the kids prancing around, eating off a finger lick from the items arranged for the photo shoot, or simply walking away from the frame exactly when a photographer was done with the required lens settings and was about to click!

All in all, the visit to the Hard Rock Cafe was a fun experience.

Availability of Lil’ Rocker Menu: 12:30 noon to 3:30 pm


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