Lovely Munchings @The India Story 2017 ☺

Food Event: The India Story (TIS)

Venue: Swabhumi, Kolkata

Duration: 21 – 24 Dec 2017

Occupying almost the entire fort like topsy turvy area of Swabhumi, a heritage site of Kolkata, The India Story is one of it’s kind, three days of mega exhibit that comprises of – artworks, installations, live performances, food & drinks, apparels, jewelry, furniture and other lifestyle products.

“It is a showcasing of Indian creative talent and products that are exclusively Indian.”

At TIS, well planned scenography and life sized installations by eminent artists are something to vouch for. They give TIS that extra edge, that entitles it to be labelled as one of the best mega exhibits of the country!

At TIS 2017, the veg food enthusiast in me headed straight to the food zone, which was built around the live performance area i.e. the area opposite the entry gate, wherein some local band was belting out some soothing soul searching numbers.

Some food & drink stalls were placed on the ground, while some were placed on an elevated platform.

Some guests were lucky enough to occupy the laid out seating arrangements of chairs and tables, while some sipped and nibbled their wares in the standing position, mostly out of no choice.

My quest for good food led me to the following food items –

– Mushroom Pizza from Home Slice (Rs. 500/-): Cut into 6 equal triangular pieces, it was a big sized thin crust pizza, topped with a generous sprinkling of well cooked mushrooms.

It was crusty, had the right balance of tomato sauce and cheese, but a wee bit extra salt. The mushrooms were fairly visible, but did not provide any distinct taste.

Overall, the pizza tasted nice.

– Kebab Wrap from Eat Out @ Home (Rs. 200/-): Angular sliced into two equal halves, the Kebab Wrap came accompanied with some in-house preparation of Tomato Chutney. The Kebab was made of mixed vegetables mashed into a homogenous mixture along with some cheese. It was well fried, cylindrical shaped and soft. The cereal based Wrap and Tomato Chutney were well cooked.

The dish tasted good.

– Wild Rice With Kung Pao Endmame And Lotus Stem from Paprika (Rs. 300/-): It was kind of a red rice based one bowl meal bursting with assorted flavors.

It was well balanced, light on the stomach and tasted nice.

– Orange Spicer and Blueberry Iced Teas from Typhoo (Rs. 30/- each): Typhoo, the UK based international tea brand had it’s stall placed a little away from the food zone.

The following Typhoo Teas were launched at TIS 2017 – Root Remedy, Slim Tea and Night Time.

Out of the three available iced teas, I opted for the aforementioned two iced teas.

Orange Spicer Iced Tea was a revelation and quite a pleasant knock off to the senses. You need to drink it to believe this. I liked it so much, that I instantly purchased a box of my own! Blueberry Iced Tea also tasted very nice.

All in all, the food zone at TIS 2017 had a nice and lively open sky ambiance, filled with quality decor, good food and happy people.


Note: Parking for self parking personnels was quite time taking and tedious. We look forward to better parking arrangements this year.

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