Healthy & Tasty Munchings @ Eat Good Food, Kolkata ☺

Situated in a lane opposite the Quest Mall, bang opposite Shudh Veg Food Court, Eat Good Food, an all day café serving healthy, delicious and wholesome food – is the cumulative culinary offering of years of information gathering and professional practise of Hena Nafis, who is eastern India’s most well-known consultant nutritionist and health expert.

Based on the ground floor of a 100 plus years old building, Eat Good Food is interestingly divided into 5 sections, 3 on the ground floor and 2 on the mezzanine floor. Each section has it’s own distinct style and decor. The overall decor style is soothing but mysterious, wherein one room leads to another, without any presence of doors! Each of the aforesaid 5 rooms have their own style of seating arrangement, ranging from high chairs, to standing, to usual chair and couch, to even sitting on cushioned floor.

The café serves both veg and non veg health food options. Their menu lists the following food categories – Eggs Of The Day, Smoothie Bowls, Loaded Baked Potato, Wholewheat Pancakes, Overnite Oats, Open Sandwiches, Sandwiches, Sides, Detox Juice, Appetisers, Soups, Salads, Entrée, Platters, Sides and Desserts. The last seven food categories come printed with nutritional facts i.e. count of calorie, protein and fat of each of their food items!

The recipes at Eat Good Food have been intelligently tweaked, so as to maintain the fine balance between the food items’ expected look and texture and their nutritional value.

For example – hot beverages like coffee are served with the option of sugar or honey; mozarella cheese is given preference over processed cheese, which is used to the minimum; wholewheat is used instead of flour, which also makes the wares more filling; and the likes.

A couple of months back, I was invited to attend a Bloggers Meet at Eat Good Food, which as of now has no other direct outlet or franchisee.

The food items presented to me for tasting were –

– Super Green Detox Juice (Rs. 150/-): An open jar with a lime slice inserted on the rim, came laden with the blended goodness of spinach, celery, parsley and kiwi, topped with some soda for the expected fizz.

It was a super nutritious drink that tasted as nice as such nutritious beverages can taste. The presence of soda, though relatively less than the usual fizzy drinks was a saviour for sure.

– Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie (Rs. 145/-): A similar jar like the one mentioned above came laden with a concoction and distinct flavor of apple and cinnamon. Herein, a slice of apple was inserted on the rim.

It tasted nice.

– Banana With Amarnath Muesli (Rs. 210/-): A lovely big white ceramic bowl with thick black and grey colored grains pattern boundary at the rim, came placed atop a similarly colored and bordered oval try.

It was a superfood bowl made of Yoghurt and Muesli, topped with a generous serving of thin Banana roundels and roasted Amarnath grains, both of which occupied one half of the bowl in a semi circle pattern. The Amarnath grains were further topped with some Chocolate Chips.

The dish was light in composition, highly nutritious and tasted good.

– Hummus & Grilled Veggies Sandwich (Rs. 175/-): It was like one of the halves of the diagonally cut into two vertical halves of a Subway Sandwich. Instead of butter spread and Aloo or Paneer stuffing, it was filled with the nutritious concoction of hummus and green vegetables.

The dish tasted nice and filling.

– Veg EGF Burger (Rs. 165/-): The Burger buns were made of wholewheat flour and the burger stuffing comprised of an abundance of lettuce leaves, grilled paneer cubes, and the likes.

The Burger was relatively nutritious and tasted excellent.

– Baked Potato Wedges (Rs. 50/-): The usual Potato Wedges herein were baked and not fried. They came topped with an abundance of herbs and seasonings.

The dish tasted expectantly nice.

– Baked Vegetable Lasagna (Rs. 325/-): A boat shaped white ceramic dish containing the Lasagna came placed atop a rectangular tray with thick black and white grain pattern border.

The Lasagna was completely devoid of any flour based lasagna sheets, but comprised of uniformly cut ribbons of colored bell peppers and zucchini, which came topped with a sheet of baked cheese, that was finally garnished with thick bell pepper strips, half of a small tomato and a sprig of micro greens.

The dish tasted excellent and contained much less calories than the usual Lasagna.

– Chocolate Pancake (Rs. 165/-): 3-4 miniature Pancakes came stacked upon one other, drizzled with enough Chocolate Sauce and Choco Chips.

They were not entirely flour based and still they were kinda fluffy and tasted good.

– Cappuccino (Rs. 130/-): I ended the tasting session with a hot cup of Cappuccino by mixing a packet of packet of brown sugar into it.

It tasted nice and refreshing.

Apart from healthy and fresh food, Eat Good Food also sells a wide range of artisan breads and pizza bases. All such wares are beautifully displayed on it’s wall units.

Eat Good Food is well equipped with – Wi-Fi, board games and loo facility.

All in all, it was a nice tasting session comprising of relatively healthy but equally tasty food items, well coupled with the enlightening talk on health and nutrition by the owner.

Pocket pinch for two: Rs. 600/-

Timing: 8:30 am to 11:00 pm

Address: Kolkata – 19 A, Tarak Dutta Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata -700 017

Phone: 9830300957


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