Dhaba Style Luncheon + Restaurant Style Hygiene & Presentation @ Punjabee Rasoi, Kolkata 😊

Situated in a by-lane opposite Acropolis Mall, Punjabi Rasoi is a decade old popular comfort food restaurant, built brick by brick over a period of time, solely powered by the passion, hardwork and perseverance of it’s owner Mr. P. V. Raju.

Today, this G+1 restaurant is –

– equipped enough to seat and serve 90 plus guests at one go.

– proud owner of multi restsurant-awards.

– the goto place of esteemed chefs and owners of many prestigious eateries of the city, whenever they choose to have comfort food.

– the favourite family hangout of many local celebrities.

Even today, Mr. Raju personally answers all the telephone calls and coordinates the table bookings! He spends a considerable part of his work hours in the restaurant’s kitchen, ensuring the intended authenticity and hygiene!

The restaurant’s decor is straight lined and simple. The seatings are in the form of high back wooden chairs and grey sofas lined against the walls. The table tops are rectangular, wooden and relatively spacious. The walls are yellow and textured. They are lined with miniature jewelry hangings. Miniature figurines are placed in hollow cubes created inside the walls.

Personally curated by Mr. P. V. Raju, my tasting & review session of vegetarian delicacies at Punjabee Rasoi, comprised of the following items –

– Beverages –

– Fresh Lime Soda (Rs. 60/-), Jaljeera (Rs. 40/-) and Cold Drink (Rs. 35/-): Served in medium sized glasses, the first two beverages were served as welcome drinks and the third one was provided upon askance to pair up with the main course.

Fresh Lime Soda was average. Jaljeera looked appetizing with it’s floating boondis and mint leaves. It tasted nice and refreshing. Cold Drink comprised of Masala Thums Up, which tasted quite good.

Cold Drink
Fresh Lime Soda and Jaljeera

– Starters –

– Vegetable Dahi Kebab and Vegetable Hara Bhara Kebab (Rs. 290/- each): Each of these starters comprised of 4 pieces. The former Kebab was cylindrical shaped and came accompanied with some curd based Dip. While, the latter Kebab was tikki shaped and came accompanied with the usual Green Chutney.

Quite unlike the Hara Bhara Kebab that are served in other restaurants, the one served here was not uniform in composition, but stuffed with an unusual vegetable concoction, thereby enhancing it’s taste considerably.

Both the afore mentioned Kebabs were soft and dry in texture, filled with finely minced stuffings and tasted good.

Vegetable Hara Bhara Kebab
Vegetable Dahi Kebab and Vegetable Hara Bhara Kebab

– Main Course –

– Dal Makhani (Rs. 290/-) and Dal Tarka (Rs. 220/-): The Dal Makhani was expectantly good but you need to have the Dal Tarka here to understand it’s sheer good taste!

Thick in composition and infused with enough onion-garlic and few coriander leaves, the Dal Tarka tasted heavenly. One can easily have this Dal 3-4 times a week.

– Palak Paneer (Rs. 290/-), Veg Jhal-Farezi (Rs. 290/-), Pindi Chana (Rs. 290/-) and Veg Kofta (Rs. 290/-): The aforesaid Sabjis were well chosen so as to give an insight into their paneer preparation, mixed veg preparation and pulses preparation (barring the afore mentioned Dals).

Kofta here was the usual vegetable Kofta that we make at home.

All the Sabjis tasted good and distinct.

Clockwise from left: Dal Makhani, Veg Jhal-Farezi, Veg Kofta, Dal Tarka, Pindi Chana and Palak Paneer

– Malai Kulcha (Rs. 110/-), Lachcha Paratha (Rs. 80/-) and Garlic Naan (Rs. 85/-): Malai Kulcha was stuffed with fresh cream aka Malai and was a full meal in itself.

All the Kulchas were fresh, soft and good to eat.

Malai Kulcha, Lachcha Paratha and Garlic Naan

– Chil-maan Biryani (Rs. 210/-), Cucumber Raita (Rs. 105/-) and Roasted Papad (Rs. 20/-): Though infused with the required vegetables i.e. carrot, beans, peas and onions, the Biryani was relatively simple and mildly spiced. It paired well with the Raita infused with finely chopped pieces of cucumber.

At home, we generally make Cucumber Raita with grated cucumber, but this chopped version was also good.

The Roasted Papad was also nice.

Cucumber Raita and Chil-maan Biryani
Cucumber Raita, Chil-maan Biryani and Roasted Papad

– Dessert –

– Firni (Rs. 70/-): Served in a clay bowl, the rice powder and milk pudding, thickened with some condensed milk and sweetened with right amount of sugar, tasted excellent.


The property was ultra clean, the waiters were courteous and the owner cum host was an apt company for food based discussions.

All in all, it was a wonderful tasting session.

Average Pricing For Two: Rs. 900/-

Timing: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm (Tue – Sun)

196, Chakraborty Para, Rajdanga, Near Acropolis Mall, Kasba, Kolkata – 700107.

Phone: +91 9831035662, 9830678599


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